feedback on my channel

  1. Paranoia O Rigins

    Requesting a review on my YouTube channel Please?!

    I would SERIOUSLY! like a review over my YouTube Channel's branding/banner/logo designs is good/bad, my channel's navigation/tags, rather the thumbnails I use is good/great or very bad, if my upload frequency is bad or good, if the lengths of my videos too short or too long, etc. Pretty much...
  2. Sk Jony

    Looking For Feedback On My Channel Types?

    Hello, I start my youtube journey since 2014. First time I work on sports fans reaction video but after that I created some social media, seo and money earnings related video. But now I confused where I confused and what type of video I need to grow my channeL. Anyone tell me if I created...
  3. WiseCore

    Just made the channel, any tips or feedback ?

    Hey, I just made my channel and I was wondering if I did a good job. I would really appreciate some feedback on : Channel layout, thumbnails, video quality Thanks for helping me as a starter.
  4. MajinGamer

    Feedback on my videos and channel please!

    Hello everyone, I have been doing YouTube gaming videos on and off for roughly almost 2 years. I have recently started doing daily videos and would love some feed back on them if you could. Please be brutally honest as it will help me and my channel grow. My channel is...
  5. C

    could you guys help me and maybe give me some feedback?

    i have a youtube channel with 200+ subscribers but i lose 1 each day and its pretty heartbreaking, if anyone could check out my channel and possiably give some feedback? i would really appreciate it. my channel link:
  6. Cameron Arnold

    What yall think about my channel

    Im so close to 1k subscribers that im starting to think of creating more comedy sketches but I want to know what u guys think of my channel if u give it a look i will really appreciate it
  7. Rquerd

    Would like some helpful feedback :D

    Hey guys what's up? So my channel has been a bit slow lately which is fine and all, I have just gotten back to making videos for about a month now so I can understand that it takes time. However, I feel like I have been stuck at the 100 range for the longest time now (even before I took that...
  8. IrishEmerald

    Feedback Badly Wanted!! :)

    Hey guys, I just started youtubing in the last 8 months. My youtube channel is all about Pokémon; from let's plays to competitive pokemon battles. I have been finding it hard to grow my channel and I was wondering is there anything content wise or promotion wise that I could do better? Here's...
  9. The Rich Binman


    If you comment feedback on my video I will be more than happy to return the favour IF YOU ENJOYED LIKE AND SUB PLEASE!!!!
  10. JC6 Sports

    Channel and Video Reviews

    Hello, I'm new to YouTube and YTtalk and I am wanting some tips and constructive criticism on my channel and videos.
  11. N8TheGamer

    N8TheGamer Review

    Hello, I'm looking for a review on my gaming channel. I need these things reviewed Content - Length, audio quality, and video quality, as in do you enjoy them? Do you find them appealing? Visuals - Thumbnails, Banner, Avatar, Are they visually aesthetically appealing? That's essentially all I...
  12. ItzRicoSuave

    Feedback on my Gaming Channel?

    What's up guys, I just wanted to ask for some feedback on my channel so I can get an idea as to what I need to fix to improve my videos for the future; that's why I signed up for this forum. The Link to my channel is
  13. K

    Please give me some feedback for my channel!

    Hey guys! I would really appreciate it if I could get some feedback from my channel! I would love some feedback on my content and editing! ^_^ I would really be appreciative and thankful! Thank you so much!
  14. CandyPhantom

    Feedback about my channel

    What are your thoughts and advices on how I could improve my channel?
  15. HyDraid

    Give me good feedback plz, not basic

    So I have my channel almost 2 weeks, almost 200 subscribers and 4 video's. But I want some feedback: 1. My Channel layout 2. My Thumbnails 3. Quality And maybe other things, just let me know :) - Thanks ^^
  16. SandManOnly

    Feedback On My Channel And Everything In It!

    So I want all of you to give me a honest opinion on my channel, do you enjoy the videos, are they interesting to watch, are they cringey or are they just total s**t and wast of atoms? I want your honest opinion so I know what kind of videos to make, and what not to make. And any kind of...
  17. Sk Jony

    Vacuum Cleaner Youtube Channel user needed?

    Anyone is here who use to vacuum clear for your daily work or admin of vacuum cleaner channel. I have one, so I need this type of users, who need this product video content review or feedback my channel. :)
  18. Koa

    I need an advice...

    alright well i started my youtube channel about 3 weeks ago. i was learning how to edit and the process of making a video fun to watch was a way of me escaping reality and for only a couple of videos the feed back i received was amazing . But a lot of things have gone wrong this past week so i...
  19. C

    Even I think my video is kinda weird

    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new to youtube, and I only started because I had a bunch of weird ideas for videos stuck in my head. I just decided to go for it, and that's how my first video was made. I'd love to get some feedback, here's the link: Thanks everyone.
  20. Koa

    How can i get more exposure for my videos

    im trying to find any way possible to gain exposure formy videos even doe i just started and the 4 videos i have posted did way better than i expected i wanna be able to grow and learn more. i mainly want exposure now to be able to get some feed back so i can improve on the things i lack. i...
  21. TedTheBear

    I need a good feedback on my gaming chanell (crysis 3, Dishonored, Bioshock, Far Cry 4,...)

    I started uploading videos about a month ago and I never got a good feedback what is good and what is bad on my chanell, please help me with feedback, I would appreciate it. Thank you!
  22. ComradeSupreme

    Help me out and I can help you out! All feedback is welcomed here!

    As always, I do enjoy feedback and reviews quite a bit. I edit my videos of my friends and I playing games - laughing and goofing around, probably breaking the game itself. I try to have all the funny moments and make it so people are laughing and invested in the video. Regardless of all that...
  23. JayyDaGawd

    Any Feedback Please!

    Hello everyone! My name is Jason or JayyDaGawd on youtube and i own a gaming youtube channel. On my channel, i post Call of Duty Blackops 3 gameplay/commentary videos and most of the commentary in my videos are stories about my personal life. If you guys could check out my channel and review...
  24. S.A.D

    Is our channel doing good?

    Ok here is the run down. I am running a youtube channel that deals in mainly gaming and movie reviews, gaming videos, trailer reaction videos, podcast and the occasional unboxing. Now that said. me and my two friends who also run the channel have started this endevour in march and since then...
  25. Meneno Gaming

    Channel Feedback.

    So guys, I started my YouTube channel and I know I need a lot of things Improved so that's why I came over to here. I wish that I could get positive and negative feedback about my channel. Even replying to this fourm will make me thankful. So I hope you share this fourm with your friends and...
  26. ChelNation

    Channel Feedback!

    Hey! I'm looking for several people to look at my Youtube channel and tell me what i can do better and what i'm doing well. Thank you if you do look at my channel and tell me what i can do better! Feedback is always appreciated, try not to make it to negative like stop doing youtube please <3...
  27. ShredMasterB

    Would like to receive feedback on my channel

    Hello all , I would like to get feedback on my gaming channel , more specifically on the first page (welcome page where the channel trailer plays). I want to know if a random person that stumble across my channel would find it visualy appealing and interesting enough to stick around . I would...
  28. AmeGaming

    Firewatch & Feedback

    My newest episode of my Firewatch series is up. I'd really appreciate some feedback on it, and on the overall series in general, because without feedback we can't grow and try to become better. Looking forward to hearing from you guys, and really all feedback is appreciated, even if you hate...
  29. RoyalCrownYT

    Can I Get Some Feedback on My Channel

    Wassup Guys Its Chris Aka Royal and Id Love Nothing More than Feedback for Ways to Improve My Channel. I Want to Be the Best I Possibly Can!
  30. Djams

    I want feedback on my channel and video structure!

    Hi guys! I'm a vlogger and would like some feedback on my channel. Does it look good or is something missing? Are the intro/ outro necessary or should I just start up every video in its own way? Also should I think about how long my videos are and maybe shorten or lengthen my videos? Maybe...