Would like some helpful feedback :D


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Hey guys what's up?
So my channel has been a bit slow lately which is fine and all, I have just gotten back to making videos for about a month now so I can understand that it takes time. However, I feel like I have been stuck at the 100 range for the longest time now (even before I took that break). I have been more consistent with my videos, I like to highlight funny moments, and more importantly, I always engage with my audience; the little that I have. Also, I have a twitter as well so when it comes to social media, I keep everyone updated on when the next video will be out. Now right now I am looking for someone who can tell me some pro's and con's about my channel. All I am asking is if you can give constructive yet respectful comments about my channel in general, that would be great. Thank you!
Idk what to tell you. Your content is great. I just think that maybe there is too many gaming channels for the smaller ones to get noticed.
Thanks dude and I agree. I know some real amazing gaming channels out there that deserve a whole lot more attention. IThank you for your comment and promise everyone that I will continue to better my channel!