channel advice

  1. CoolMoo5

    Post a YouTube Tip

    Reply to this with a SINGLE YouTube tip. Anything that a YouTuber might find helpful. It can be an obvious tip or something a little more complicated. You don't have to agree with all tips posted. I thought it would be cool to have a whole thread of YouTube tips that are short and easy to...
  2. theAchilless

    Opinion of Achilles

    Yo! I've started a new YouTube channel and started uploading also. I think my videos are off to a good start, but I would love the opinion of other people. If you could, please look at my channel and tell me your opinion of what is good, bad, and what could be improved. Be blunt and be honest...
  3. AliKat

    New Gaming Channel, Would Love Some Feedback!

    Hey guys, I just started a new gaming channel yesterday and I've just posted my first video. I have no subscribers as of yet (not really expecting it haha) but I was wondering if you guys would please be able to give me some feedback on my channel and/or video? I'm very camera shy and anxious...
  4. Aaron Kelsall

    Channel feedback is so important to me!

    Hi Guys! I've been asking the people around me for their feedback about my videos and my channel - and it's getting good reviews! The thing is - I'm wondering would this still be the same for people that don't know me? If anyone has a spare minute or two in between shooting / editing /...
  5. S

    Collab Channel Name Ideas???

    hi! i'm in a collab channel with 5 other people and we need help with names. any good ideas?
  6. Rafij Rahman Rohan

    Me Trying To Grow!!

    Hello best friends, How was it going.My name is Rohan & I am a small YouTuber.I have a YouTube channel where I post tutorials,tips & tricks,techs video.I always try to upload some quality content on my channel but as a new small YouTuber I need your advice to grow on YouTube.So if you have some...
  7. S.A.D

    Need feeback...on anything really

    as the title says. We need feedback fro our channel and just how we can improve. we tend to get rather healthy views, but few subs. started in feburay and so far only at 76. don't no weather that growth is normal or not, hopefully you can help us out.
  8. Elaine Yu

    Review my piano channel please?

    Hi everyone, This is my channel: I'm trying to build up my subscribers at the moment. Any suggestions on what to improve? Do I need to post longer videos? Will they help? Thank you, Elaine
  9. chillion

    I make comedy videos.

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if you could review my channel and tell me what you like or needs improvement. I am really struggling to grow my channel right now, and I need tips on how to build it. I've been on youtube for a couple of months and I am increasing very slowly... I'd love to hear...
  10. Altairsfriend

    Hey Everybody! Would love some feedback on our channel!

    So how is it? We have made major progress when it comes to content. But what about our logo, channel art? How is our latest video? We need help with getting the word out any help is appreciated! Thanks everybody! Have a good weekend!
  11. L

    thoughts on my channel? i just started posting videos 3 days ago and making thumbnails yesterday and the channel art a couple of days ago. How does it look? I look forward to what you have to say!
  12. Erika Talerico

    Looking for honest opinions on how to improve my channel...

    Hi there. I am very serious about my channel and would really appreciate some honest feedback. Everyone loves cute animals right? I am working on getting to my first 100 subs and as everyone knows this is challenging. I get lots of views but the subs are so slow to grow. What can i do to grab...
  13. AM2PM

    How should I classify my channel?

    I'm struggling with how to identify my channel in terms of type. I look at the list Music, Vlog, Pets, comedy etc. Our channel is a little weird. We are identical twins and we compete against each other in a bunch of different things. We are trying to be funny, but is also a bit of an...
  14. Bethanyjbee

    Channel Review Please?

    I've had a short hiatus from Youtube and now I'm getting back into it I'd like a review of my channel in general, just to know how I can improve and make the most out of my channel? I'd just like to know what I'm doing/have done well and what needs improvement or a complete overhaul! Be as...
  15. k3rbs

    Channel Review : What can I do better to get more subs

    Hey what's up guys. So i'm a pretty small youtuber with only 7 subs and I haven't grown any in 2 weeks. Is there anything I can do better with my channel, videos and other things to get back rolling again? Thanks, let me know what you think of my channel down below!
  16. Quincey

    Need some help with my Profile Picture

    Hello everyone, I'm pretty new here and one of the reasons I joined is because I needed some help with my Profile Picture. So I hope someone can help me with that. It's actually really easy to help. The Profile Picture has been made, I'm just not so sure about it. Can you give me some feedback...
  17. KantoGaming


    I've honestly been told time and time again since I started my channel that it sucked. People in my life have told me, said im "boring" and shouldn't be doing lets plays. People on the internet have made sure that since I started to know everything I did wrong from audio, to how I talked, to how...

    New Channel Design!

    So i listened to everybody's feedback on my recent post and decided to redo the entire banner for my channel. Please let me know what you think.
  19. ShawnMcCallum

    Struggling to grow my channel's audience

    This summer I finally committed to my YouTube channel. I have decided to make new videos every week and have been creating adventure Vlogs as a way to achieve this. I'm proud of my content and feel people will really enjoy my videos but I'm struggling to gain any real momentum and find an...
  20. KantoGaming

    Knowing if you are posting Quality Content?

    We all struggle with this. Or, at least I know I do. It's really hard to know if your videos are "good quality" . As far as editing, content, and just if the overall video is entertaining /interesting. SO! I think it would be a good idea to start a thread where you can comment what you...
  21. Mg-Marteen

    Started a Music Channel... What Do You Think?

    :help: I just released my first song yesterday with very little success and I have never made a music channel before. Any feedback on how it looks or if its enjoyable? :confused: Any feedback would be appreciated ;)
  22. K

    Please give me some feedback for my channel!

    Hey guys! I would really appreciate it if I could get some feedback from my channel! I would love some feedback on my content and editing! ^_^ I would really be appreciative and thankful! Thank you so much!
  23. CyberunHD

    Review my channel:) new art work..

    Hi Guys, Ive been improving a few things on my channel like banner art work and other things, so if you could take a minute to check it out and offer your feedback (good or bad) it would be much appreciated:) Thanks for viewing.. CyberunHD...
  24. Pixel & Bracket

    50 Subscribers / 2K Views - But is my growth below avg?

    Hey guys! So I started uploading videos in February to my channel, Pixel & Bracket. I've been able to grow to 50 subscribers and 2,000 views which I'm very excited about! I'm wondering though, is my growth slower than normal? I've been browsing the forums a lot lately before registering and I'm...
  25. Jordan Levy

    What should my 100 subscriber milestone video be?

    Hey everyone! So I'm super close to hitting 100 subscribers and I'm so glad. I am mainly a music channel, but I wanted to branch out and do more vlog style videos. Does anybody have suggestions on what my new video should be to start off this new chapter for my channel? Thanks!!
  26. Kacper

    Feedback on my channel

    Hey guys recently I have re-made my Profile Picture, Channel banner and every thumbnail on each video. Since I came back my channels growth has been okay. I t would be great if you could let me know what you think about the more recent videos and the channel art. Thank you :)
  27. LandofDucks

    Gaming 2nd Channel Review's Episode is up! Who wants to be next?

    Hey guys, So my 2nd Channel Review's video is up! We have Already made 6 people's channels so much better! If you want to have your channel reviewed and told what you can do better to improve your subscribers growth, make your channel more appealing, make your current subscribers more active...
  28. The Cold Abyss

    Free and Easy Ways to Make Channel Art, Thumbnails, etc.

    If you were wondering how to make channel art, channel icons, or thumbnails. Well look no further in this thread I will share with you what I have used to make my channel art etc...
  29. K

    What do you think of my recent videos?

    I have been trying a lot harder these past weeks in editing and recording, and I think my content is way better than previously (please dont go back further than a month from now lol xd). Would love some feedback, what can I improve on? What things to you like about my content? etc.\ Thanks in...
  30. I

    Need some advice about a promise I made

    Hi there! I've got a (quite new) youtube channel that's mainly about drawing. I love doing youtube and want to take it very seriously. I made a huge mistake though: Last month I promised my viewers to make 50 drawing tutorials this summer. I've started making them and upload them every workday...