Hey there! Is "Goof3y" a good name? :P

I want you guys to be completely honest with me. Is "Goof3y" a good name or just weird? :I

Moved to the branding / design forum. :)

Can I suggest you introduce yourself to the community ? :)

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Honestly, I think if you're satisfied with the name then go for it. Look at my name for instance. I went through a bunch of names and finally settled with this one lol.
Back in 2015 i branded myself as captan hardcore now in 2017 ive started actually using it, being on youtube for small stints here and there ive gone through alot of identity changes, but the thing i ask myself is if I call my self "goof3y" does it feel natural do I like it?
Just go with the name you're happy with :D
I personally am not fond of the names that mix up letters and numbers but that is just one opinion :)
It sounds great tbh. Maybe one thing to consider is, do you need the 3 in the name? In my opinion is looks a bit odd but I like the name in general. Think about what it would sound like if people where talking about you. "Yo, have you seen goof3y's new video?"