A good YouTube name?


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I haven't started yet, but I'd like to, so maybe I can already think of a name. I was thinking about FrostHeart, which describes my personality. Then I thought Kazniev, from the Balkan word 'kazna', which means punishment. I'm not Balkan myself, but I think it's a beautiful word. What do you guys think? I think I would like to do some gameplay on games like GTA and CoD. I can speak with an 'understandable xD' Slavic accent, I find it more interesting.
Definitely pick a name that's catchy and rolls off the tongue. Also a name that is easy to remember, that is super important. :)

Kazniev could work but it may be hard for others to remember!
I like the sound of frost heart with Kazniev i had to look twice to get the spelling right which could be a problem just dont put the in your user name i still have problems getting people to search for me correctly to do this day haha
Haha I like the Kazniev name! You could even combine the too haha. Whatever you would like! GTA and Cod are great games to indulge and do game plays on! :D Welcome to the forums mate!