I need help with a name

Life of Seth

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So I tried vlogging and decided to wait until I was older so I decided a want a channel all about small things that I do to make people happy like small pranks and little sprites like that and over all just a fun small channel I can upload to so can you help me with a name I am stuck
You could always try using spinxo.com. It generates random YouTube names. You put a topic, focus or niche, things you like, important word, number and other keyword and press spin button. It comes up with multiple choices that are apparently not in use. It couldn't hurt.
Names are the hardest part, we got our name by mashing random words into a word generator, it spat out 'digibox films' we just cut off the films.
Why not go with the one you made for this forum? It seems simple, catchy and easy to remember - "Life of Seth" :)