Need Help thinking of a Channel Name

Zachary Blaylock

New Member
My friend and I are going to be starting a YouTube channel that is along the same lines as rob ****'s twisted tens, serial killer files or videos like Top5's. Essentially we want to start a channel that talks about mysteries, murders, aliens, and just unknown things that the world has yet to answer. Only problem is we are completely stuck when it comes to what the channel should be called. I have talked to my friend and he doesn't necessarily want to to a list channel, but I am open to that. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
Describe your channel in one word or two and that what it should be called. Also that makes it unique. Your idea for the channel sounds cool. I'm also into those things. I usually follow Secureteam10. His channel is about aliens and UFO. Make sure you add your channel name in the signature so everyone can check. Good luck! :)