So, I need some help with a name.

Hey guys :) So I've already made a thread on this, but I've got a whole new idea. So, I'm thinking of making a new channel, and I'm not very creative on naming haha. So I'm going to be doing commentaries, gaming, and stories. I was thinking of doing 'RandomTheM', but I don't really like it. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance :D

EDIT | So it's a bit hard to get a name out of thin air, so here are some thing I would like in it. 1) The word Random. 2) Alitterate. 3) Pretty short and easy to remember. Thanks again guys :D
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Rainbow Report, Random Rundown, Lazer Lolz, Games and Gags, Tech Tube, Worlds and Words, Super 7 (i.e. 7 minutes long)
Those are great names, but I'm not trying to base it off the user name I have now. I want to start brand new. Thanks for suggesting though :)

I recommend if you want more people to even try; give them some form of theme or idea to work with. It's kinda hard to pull random names a person MIGHT like from the ether.