1. Rails2Revolution

    Do You Have A "Managed Channel"?

    Just curious to see what people thought about becoming a managed channel, and for those that did become managed, were there any significant changes?
  2. P

    OmniaMedia or BroadBandTV

    Hi guys, im currently searching for a good network to get partnered with. I'm debating should I go with omniamedia or broadbandtv, if any of you guys had any experience with one of those two networks, write down below. Thanks for help in advance :D
  3. Sam Wolfie

    Help on my Minecraft series

    Hey I just am looking for some advice on which type of minecraft videos you guys like watching the most.
  4. Jake Maximus

    Keep getting this error on my main computer and not my other computers

    So basically when I wanted to watch a youtube video today I got this error "This video is restricted. Try signing in with a Google Apps account" . I have no idea as I would get this error, and try loading the same video in opera and firefox and still got the same error. I then tried going onto...
  5. L

    Should I leave ScaleLab and join Curse network ?

    hey. So I joined Scalelab on December 2015 ( I joined VouStudios but since with new YT policy I'm transferred to scalelab) so far I didn't actually had any problems. They pay in time, support is good, forums is a bit dead though, their CPM is pretty good ($9-$10). But I really wanted to join...
  6. O

    Monetization Disabled Immediately after leaving MCN, BUT I'm still In their System

    Despite me never associating my year-old YouTube account with an Adsense (I partnered with an MCN from the get-go), the day I unlinked, my monetization was disabled for AdSense violations. While I investigate how I even got associated with an account since I never had the chance, or need, to...
  7. promo25

    Network that offers comissions for more than a year on recruited channels?

    Hi everyone, Long story short, I wanted to start a subnetwork and built a list with around 70 channels with great content and views that weren't partnered with a network or adsense. As you may know subnetworks are no longer allowed on YouTube, but I still can be a recruiter. The thing is, most...
  8. SandManOnly

    Should I Leave Maker Studios?

    I am thinking of leaving maker studios aka RPM network, because they have not done anything to my channel like promoting my videos, channel etc. The only good thing is the free music but every network has that now :P I am thinking of joining Fullscreen or Curse but I don't know yet. What do you...
  9. ProfessionalRik

    Gaming Pro Rik Collab Thread

    *DIRECTOR'S NOTE* I could easily do this myself, I'm more than capable. But I REALLY wanted to work with the community. I REALLY wanted to collaborate, build some friendships, do some networking, add some people to my 'List of Agents', try to build the Pro Rik Empire some more. Welcome! This...
  10. P

    Youtube Networks

    Guys any ideas on which network is good? I mean I just need a network to pay me on time, nothing else.
  11. Michael

    Creative Nation MCN Payment Problems Not Being Paid on Time, Poor Communication

    Has anyone at YTtalk who is partnered by Creative Nation been having problems getting paid by them? I and so many others including their highest earning partners keep having monthly issues with not being paid on time and the whole staff going silent and no longer responding to support tickets...
  12. Michael

    Creative Nation Network Review

    Network Name: Creative Nation MCN Time With Network: 1+ years Total Contract Renewals: N/A Creative Nation Network Review: Over the past year and a half or so Creative Nation has never lived up to expectations and has largely been a big let down, if you want to learn why I don't recommend...
  13. Jordan Pike

    Is there a trend with channel growth and having a new network?

    I'm wondering if once your channel gets big enough to attract the attention of a big network, and then signing with them, are the average daily subscriber numbers effected by the signing? I've noticed certain channels that have around 5k subs grow very rapidly over the following months into the...
  14. HyDraid

    Partnership "Curse"

    The network/partnership Curse, is that a good network ? I heard it was a really good network for gaming channels and that if you have around 500 subsribers it was worth to join it. Can somebody help ?
  15. A

    List of MCNs??

    Hi All! First time poster here! I’m doing research on different multi-channel networks. Does anyone know if there’s a comprehensive list for networks outside of the US? Would love a link to some lists or even responses that name some MCN's inside this thread would be super appreciated, thanks!
  16. FestusFX

    Good Network?!

    I'm looking for a good network :) So I can see what is copyrighted etc etc It's useful I guess... Does anyone know a good network ?
  17. AlexGotBeats

    Explain Maker Studios hierarchy to me

    Hi, could anyone list me the hierarchy of Maker Studios MCN? Whats the main MCN and what are all the subnetworks following below. I'm so confused with this. Also for those who are partners of Maker Studios you know you usually see your channel claimed by ''Maker Studios 3'' or ''Maker Studios...
  18. FestusFX

    Best network for small channels

    I just started my channel and right now I have 140 Subscribers so I'm a small channel. I don't want a network to gain a lot of money, but a good network that helps small channels. With some tips or strategy's if you understand what I'm trying to say? So if anyone know a good network like that...
  19. MiAndMore

    Which YouTube Network should I join? Advice please!

    Hello everyone! I've been contacted by some YouTube Networks but I don't know if it's worth it to join one of them.. If you think it is worth it, which netowrk would you recommend to me? I do gaming, real life and specials... Please help me, every comment is appreciated!! Cheers, MiAndMore...
  20. F

    I Just got 100% Revenue Share BBTV contract?

    Hi, Yesterday I received an email from BBTV network and they said will send me $xxxx signup bonus and 100% revenue share. I don't know It's good or not, my channel still growing and have above 100.000 subscribers with 100 million views. and in contract they said It take up to 60 days to...
  21. hj154

    Maker vs. Maker Gen

    What's the difference? In SocialBlade, they're listed differently...
  22. Jayjay1k

    emailed recieved about joining a network... help!

    hi guys! :) long time no see, so! i was on the toilet, and my phone "Ding!"-ed, and it was an email from a woman who's part of "Large Variety of YouTube content creators at BroadBandTV" which of course i'm quite proud of, a small channel like mine being offered a network deal, COOL! (their site...
  23. and_the-teddy_bach

    Any experiences with this network?

    Hi everyone. My channel was accepted to be part of the EntrepeneurNetwork Network (powered by the Entrepreneur Magazine). Now I checked the contract and I didn't sign anything yet. I wanted to ask you guys, do you have any experiences with this network?
  24. Rails2Revolution

    Help With Rejected Content ID Disputes

    Hey all, hope everything is well. I've been having multiple content ID disputes rejected in the past few months for using royalty free music purchased by networks (from back in the day when I had higher regard for MCN's). Has anyone else had experience with these problems? Problem is when...
  25. Tonialives

    Influencer Bridge // Performance Bridge Media

    Hey guys! So I was contacted by Influencer Bridge, at first I thought they were another s****y Network so I didn't really pay much attention to the email. But I woke up this morning to a follow up email from them, asking if I received their first email. I was thrown by this as I have never had...
  26. Jayjay1k

    Questions about Curse - too good to be true?

    i posted exactly all this stuff on curse's forum but i'd like YTTalk's communit take on this too if you wouldn't mind, as i know this is a Fantastic community. Hello people! :) i've heard wonderful things about the curse network and it's revenue 90/10 thingymadoodie. Also that old partners had...
  27. Wibble YT

    Gaming PC / PS4 long term collaboration,

    -Looking for someone 13 + to collaborate over steam or psn. -Bo3, Battle front and other steam games. -Looking for long time collaboration. -Youtube friends.
  28. Rads

    Network Choice - Help

    Hello everyone, I started a few weeks ago my youtube channel, a gaming channel and of course I thought about: "What network should I join when the time comes?" , so I did some research and it looks like for youtube gamers, other network than adsense is the best, since we can play almost any game...
  29. PoTheTato

    Joining a network for verification tick

    Hi all, I heard that if you join a network, they can apply your channel for verification (and get a tick next to your name). I know that not all networks can do this, but at least a few big ones Now, are there any no lock-in networks that are able to do this? I was thinking about joining one...
  30. Specs

    Do I have to Monetize when I join a Network?

    I just joined a network and was wondering if I'm suppose to Monetize my Videos?