Monetization Disabled Immediately after leaving MCN, BUT I'm still In their System


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Despite me never associating my year-old YouTube account with an Adsense (I partnered with an MCN from the get-go), the day I unlinked, my monetization was disabled for AdSense violations. While I investigate how I even got associated with an account since I never had the chance, or need, to make one, I've seen that I'm still a partner in my old MCN's system. Theoretically since I'm on the CMS already, just inactive, they should be able to re-sign me with a new contract.

If this is the beginning AdSense would have given me, I'm not interested in using it solely anyway, so can anyone with MCN experience tell me if it's possible to RE-ACTIVATE an existing user? I don't want to have to jump through hoops because the monetization was suddenly disabled on my personal account. For any NEW MCN I would join, it would be an issue because of the screening process but in this case, I'm already a member- it would just be a matter of signing a contract and having them reactivate me in their CMS.

If I can't get this sorted out with AdSense and Google I have no idea what I'm going to do, it's horrible how they can just shut honest creators down....
That's why I always worry to monetize my video with networks. Is the MCN partnership permanent or can we unlink the network any time? Content creators had to face such tragedies in their life sadly.
I believe you can unlink, but your channel will remain listed in their CMS if they choose to not delete you. From there it would be as simple as reactivating you there, if you chose to come back. That's what I'm trying to do, but since my monetization got disabled, I'm afraid they won't even be ABLE to invite me again. It's disgusting.