Is there a trend with channel growth and having a new network?

Jordan Pike

YTtalk Mad
I'm wondering if once your channel gets big enough to attract the attention of a big network, and then signing with them, are the average daily subscriber numbers effected by the signing? I've noticed certain channels that have around 5k subs grow very rapidly over the following months into the multiples of tens of thousands. I'm wondering if this has something to do with the network they signed with at that point in their channels life. The channel that sparked this question right now is LifeOfJord. He's gained 7k subs in the last 30 days, moving his channel from 13k to 20k subscribers. And he grew pretty rapidly before that from ~9k to the previous 13k. Anyone have any info on this? This would explain to me how the couple channels I sub to that I've seen this happen to, has happened! Seems like very good information to have!
I don't thinks it in your best interest to have a network. Especially if you are a big youtube, I've been partnered for a few years and it hasn't done much for me, they don't do much but take a percent of your revenue.[DOUBLEPOST=1467781521,1467781142][/DOUBLEPOST]I'm guessing the people you are seeing that are growing that rapidly are putting ads out for their channel.
I think the opposite, If you are in the networks top 10 channels I imagine they bend over backwards to keep your channel running smoothly for you.
But all the little channels seem to get nothing from these networks
We got the below email from a well known network a few weeks ago.
It seems like the OP's question is answered in the affirmative!
However, I think the MCN would give you more attention if you are bigger and can generate more traffic. They will promote you across their properties to drive views, subs and $$. If you meet performance guidelines, they should keep promoting you as everyone benefits. If you fall below benchmarks they might drop you from key promotions, I don't know.
I can't see them doing much for smaller channels, unless you have some secret sauce and are expected to grow quickly. That's one of the reasons we didn't join. I'll have another think and run some number if/once we get to 10k subs and decide.

Email excerpt:
"We're interested in a partnership with your channel to help you grow, and promote you directly on our hub channels. Your channel will benefit from the exposure of being featured as a HooplaKids-recommended channel and promoted throughout our playlists and social media. Some of our similar partners, like KidsToysAndJoys grew from 14,000 subscribers to 28,000 subscribers after the first few weeks of being partnered. You'll also get access to our tools and technology to increase your organic views and subscribers, benefit from graphic design services, and more."
The trouble is you have to question are they legit subscribers or bots/spammers I would get quite worried about that.
If the extra subs generate views they would be legit. Also I doubt a major mcn would risk their relationship with YT by spamming fake subs. When you consider how much revenue an mcn would generate it would be foolish to risk their business.
channels that have good growth will automatically grow faster as they get bigger, this may not neccessarily have much to do with the network's advertisement.
If your one of their top channels, thats when you may see a benefit.