1. Tonix Gaming

    Gaming Youtube Collaboration / Network for small gaming channels (250-1000 Subs)

    Hello All! My Channel is called Tonix Gaming and we are a small gaming channel that uploads videos mostly consisting of CS:GO, GTA V, Rust, The Forest, and other steam games. We also have a series called "Free To Play Friday" in which we play a free game from the steam store. Anyways we are...
  2. AuthorFilms Studios


    I joined the Social Blade network (BBTV_SocialBlade) a couple weeks ago and it did Absolutely Nothing to help my channel. Everything they said they'd do to optimise my channel is complete rubbbish. So, still being in the 30 day no lock-in trial, I requested to leave the network. I waited a few...
  3. AJ Bruh

    Do networks help you grow?

    I've started to grow little by little on my channel, but not to the extent that I'd like. My question is: would joining a network or partnership help me grow my channel? If so, how would I get one? I don't care about the money, I just want to reach an audience. Thanks for any advice you can give!
  4. SkyePanda

    TPN Network

    I got a message from a group called TPN Network. Is anyone partnered with them and can tell me if they are good and if its true they only take 5% of your earnings. Also is the channel art, websites and apps they make good?
  5. E

    300.000 views/day - Any MCN with fixed RPM

    Hi guys, i am getting 300.000 daily views and growing, but i think my RPM is low: 0,27€ average. My views are mainly from Mexico, Spain, EEUU and Argentina. My CPM is 2,77$, and i think is not bad, because my demography and because my channel is kids oriented. So i think the problem is the...
  6. Kada

    Curse or Omnia Media or Polaris

    Hello people! I would be super happy if you can anwser my questions or just reply to this thread to help me little bit :)! Is it true that these three partnerships are greatest for gaming? Is Polaris the BEST partnership for gaming? Omnia Media or Curse? Can you tell me your experince with...
  7. Mutant94

    Network that can help you reinstate your account?

    Hey guys, first of all my channel is in good standing now, but I'm in the music promotion niche and that can become tricky sometimes. The producers give me permission to upload and monetize their songs in exchange of giving them exposure that way and putting their social links in the...
  8. M

    Network for Aircraft channels etc

    Hello people from this forum, My name is Kevin and i'm from the Netherlands. I have a gaming channel and i know alot about Gaming networks. But now a friend wants me to help him to find a Network for he's channel. Its about Planes, Hot Air Balloon, Helicopters etc. But i dont know any network...
  9. TheYutzman

    Anyone heard of Animity Network?

    I was wondering if anyone here had heard of Animity because a few months back I was contacted by one of their sub-networks (Reckoning Network) after I left Freedom. I contacted that sub-network and discovered they had currently stopped accepting applications and was now redirecting any new ones...
  10. E

    Low paying rates - Highest paying YouTube network?

    Hey guys, I am running a channel making about 15k views per month (I know, not too much, but still) and I get about 1,1$ per month, which means I get like >0,1$ for 1k views which is pretty bad I guess That's why I wanted to ask if theres that one 'most paying YouTube network"?. Thank you!
  11. Dimo Dimov

    Question about Networks

    So lately i was gathering information about everything for youtube and stuff connected to my channel and i reached to the Networks.My question is: is it good to have a network in the beginning of your channel and is it good at all to have a network and if yes what network should i choose and...
  12. tcodina

    Youtube network for designers?

    Hey, I was just wondering if there's somebody here who knows about any Youtube network made specifically for Youtubers who make speed art videos, tutorials... since I would be interested on joining one of those, but I can't find any. Alternatively, does anybody know a good network for a channel...
  13. Riddikore

    Hot Topic Can You Monetize Your Video?

    Here are some snippets directly from the YouTube Help guide and community hub. Follow the links in the video and below for more details. F.A.Q. What kind of content can I monetize? Monetizing Video Game & Software content Monetizing Cover Songs How to enable monetization MCNs Full...
  14. I

    I need help!

    Hi, i'm Ian and I started my channel a month or so ago and i'm stuck at a few subs. Ive been making videos on multiple channels since 2008 and have a lot of experience. I recently decided to settle down in one kind of videos and I only recently joined a network. I need help growing! If anybody...
  15. AnnaGermanGirl

    Joining an MCN - yay or nay? (Including alternative resources)

    Hello fellow YouTubers, :) In the last few weeks I've put a lot of time and thought into researching an important question: Is it good idea to join a mutli-channel network? I've received several offers so far and several times i was inclined to say yes. But in the end, I never did. In the...
  16. YouTube Songs

    Could someone help find the name of this network? (vous music group)

    I came across this vous music group network a couple of times on socialblade, and I wanna know what their actual name is and I wanna know if somebody here knows about them. Because there's nothing to find if you search the name. Thanks in advance :) Links: (this guy's network on his...
  17. DutchYTer

    paternership invite from BroadbandTV.

    hi there, I'm a little sceptic about network partnerships. I get a few invites every month. Normally i don't react to those invites because i don't trust them or read bad reviews if i google them. 1 hour ago I received an invitation from BroadbandTV. They are the second largest youtube network...
  18. A

    My Understanding on Youtube Network

    After Days of Searching and reading fellow Youtubers post and advices regarding whether my adsense or a network. On general my understanding on Youtube Network that is only they get a cut on your earnings but since i have doubt if the network decide how much revenue per 1k is given. Now on my...
  19. SimplySarah

    Fullscreen & Beauty Channel...Leave?

    Hi all! Ive been with Fullscreen for 2 years and have had no negative experiences but at the same time no good experiences either. I feel like they gear themselves to gaming channels and nothing else. I've never been promoted and feel like they have done nothing to help me with views...
  20. NekroBaer

    What now? Youtube Partnership or Network? #confused

    Hey fellow Yttalkers! So I used to be active in the forums like around 2 years ago. At this time, networks got a huge hype. I was working at/with Creative Nation then and also ran my own CA. One year later I created a new youtube channel and got it partnered with Freedom. It looked quite...
  21. WireMagician

    Gaming Looking for a long time collaborator

    What is going guys, I'm looking for some to collaborate with and record videos with. Right now I only play games on steam, but I'm looking to get a capture card for the 360. I like playing rpg games, horror, indie, sandbox, etc. I'm not really a call of duty or sports games person. But I'm also...
  22. NWBroadcasting

    Meet Up/Gathering Looking to network in Tampa/ St. Petersburg, FL

    Any YouTubers around the Tampa Bay area? Would love to hold a meetup and network!