Reply to this with a SINGLE YouTube tip. Anything that a YouTuber might find helpful. It can be an obvious tip or something a little more complicated. You don't have to agree with all tips posted. I thought it would be cool to have a whole thread of YouTube tips that are short and easy to read.

Here's my tip:
Change your profile picture to either a close up of you face or a your logo for your channel.

Consider using a tool like in order to make you subscribers share your work more. You can offer them small rewards (such as pinning their comments) in exchange for a HUGE amount of promoting coming from your own viewers.
Ok, trying to give 3 tips - hoping anyone benefits from them

  1. Prepare a Video upload calendar and stick with it to upload videos on YouTube.
  2. Find the peak time in your target geography and schedule your videos before 30 - 45 mins.
  3. Use keywords in Title, Description, and Tags - at least one keyword should be similar in Title and First 2 lines of Description.
Upload a day or so early to give the video time to fully render to youtubes video format etc for maximum clarity / resolution and then as mentioned above schedule it for the desired time to "go live"