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  1. J

    :cool: How to Get More YouTube Views? Passion and Authority

    Can you guess what question we get asked the most? It’s pretty obvious: How do I get more views on YouTube? The answer, however, is far from obvious; unless you break it down into a hundred jigsaw pieces. And what jigsaw pieces do you look for first? The corners of course. So let’s look at four...
  2. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    El Camino - A Breaking Bad Movie (How To Use Trends To Grow A YouTube Channel)

    El Camino - A Breaking Bad Movie is released on Netflix today in the UK and I am SO excited. Jessie Pink Returns, Walter White Returns? Saul Goodman cameo in El Camino? Not just for the movie and but also excite to see the chances small and new YouTubers can grab in new trending topics. How To...
  3. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    How To Get More Subscribers on YouTube by ADDING VALUE

    How To Get More Subscribers on YouTube by ADDING VALUE // Part 2 in my YouTube Get More Subscribers series looking into the importance of adding value to peoples lives and making sure they have a reason to watch you and your content. You have to learn to be SELFLESS and lead with value, rather...
  4. Kinan Media

    Post : how to promote youtube chanel

    hello friends all, ask how friends all promote the friends channel all the time and now with the techniques you do that how the results, whether it is satisfactory or not, who knows that technique can be useful for other members
  5. twenty

    HOW TO: Get 100 Subscribers the RIGHT way. [Steps]

    Lets get to it! #TwentySaidIt TECHNIQUE #1 Step 1: Use your Twitter account. Dont have one? Create one! Step 2: Get hootsuite [its free].. Step 3: Write a list of 100 tweets about your interests (make sure you use relevant hashtags), now write 20 content/video tweets. Step 4: Between every 5...
  6. Benny Hardaway 24

    Promote !!!

    If u want some help getting more subscribers? And feel as if your content isn't getting out to the right people? GO FIND THEM! Lol for real! Self promo is KEY to making your channel grow because unless you have a viral video, you will be moving kind of slow. This is some advice I wanted to share...
  7. kosal

    Me and some tips to get your video found.

    ME: Hello everyone, My name is Kosal. I am 35 years old. I am a programmer from Cambodia. I earned my Master's degree in Information Systems, specialized in Web Mining, in South Korea '2010. I am working as chief of faculty of Computer Science, National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia (NPIC)...
  8. DeanzEpic


    Ten tips to increase your subscribers. Even though there isn't a 'blueprint' to success on youtube, i hope these tips will help grow your channels! Good Luck :)
  9. Brandon Nankivell

    1,000 Subscribers in 4 Months - How I Did It

    --- 9 Crucial Tips For Early Growth --- The tips are ordered from most important to least important. Grab some popcorn, this will be a long one. =D 1. Get Started...NOW 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing. No videos = No subscribers. Simple as that. Your first few videos will...