how to get more views

  1. A

    How to grow your youtube fast

    Hello there Guys are you guys also having problem growing your youtube channel do you want to grow it fast just click on this link This guy is youtuber having 975K subs and he will make a reveiw video on your channel it can help you growing...
  2. J

    :cool: How to Get More YouTube Views? Passion and Authority

    Can you guess what question we get asked the most? It’s pretty obvious: How do I get more views on YouTube? The answer, however, is far from obvious; unless you break it down into a hundred jigsaw pieces. And what jigsaw pieces do you look for first? The corners of course. So let’s look at four...
  3. J&N


    We have reached 5000 and we included OUR FIRST giveaway in our video! Can anyone advise do giveaways work? We are trying to give back to our audience as well as get more subscribers. Any tips on Giveaways would help? Please let us know if we did this correctly? Youtube channel name : Jack and...
  4. Joc Promise

    How can I grow my youtube channel

    Hello, I need everyone's help here, I do want to get subscribers and grow my channel very fast, but I don't know how I can do it, please if you have anyway out to helpe please let me know, thank you very much.
  5. Alan Spicer YT Tips

    9 BEST Places To Share YouTube Videos for Views and Subscribers

    Looking for the BEST Places to share your YouTube Video? Promote Youtube videos to get more views. YouTube promotion is simple as sharing your videos on social media like TikTok, facebook, Instagram forums and blogs. This will help you grow your youtube channel, promoting your channel to get...
  6. Stephen Scott

    YouTube Scorecard App Launch

    We've been using a technology platform to help us score youtube channels from creators we work with. We are thinking about putting it out in the wild. It would be free, at least for the score and some specific real world tips too help grow along with some best practice a channel might be...
  7. Kinan Media

    Post : how to promote youtube chanel

    hello friends all, ask how friends all promote the friends channel all the time and now with the techniques you do that how the results, whether it is satisfactory or not, who knows that technique can be useful for other members
  8. getTekt

    What could I do to get more views?

    My YouTube channel that I run with another person is doing well for the most part, but I feel after a year and a half we should be getting more views on the channel. We have revamp the channel over time for better quality videos. I would like to know what someone else thinks, someone who maybe...
  9. Basit

    How to grow a YouTube Channel like mine?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could get some constructive feedback on how to grow a channel like mine. I started my channel doing weight loss vlogs but slowly moved to funnier videos. I don't do comedic skits, more like I talk to the viewers about funny personal experiences or things I...
  10. Elissa Jordan

    A Message to All Content Creators

    Hello fellow content creators and future content creators! My name is Elissa and I am a vlogger on YouTube. Recently, I have really been thinking about something and I want you guys to hear it. It has changed the idea of YouTube for me and I hope it will change it for you. I propose a...
  11. wchap001

    Gaming sharing a channel? list each others channel? lets collab in gaming?

    hey guys looking for someone who is down to perhaps share a playlist/channel promote each others video frequently in the intro/outro sure its a little more work but might pay off to chain off the fews to different people. and possibly work with other people as well if interested check out my...
  12. notjamie

    EXACTLY How to Build/Grow a Minecraft Channel

    Hey guys, I have a second channel called SlimeCraft101 that has about 600 subscribers and I am going to share with you guys how to grow it and what I did. Step 1. Find a server. Ideally, this server should have about 300-500 players on it regularly. It also helps if it's growing a lot. Also...
  13. N

    How to promote your channel, and grow on youtube.

    Hello, everyone. Today i'm going to list some ways that you can gain exposure to your channel! Let's being. 1. The first, and most important thing to do is to use relevant tags, that are good for your video. Tags can help you get views, you know! 2. Secondly, you really need to interact with...
  14. NatalieBrownSings

    How do I create great Titles and Thumbnails

    Hi YTTalkers! I have been doing some reading that says Titles and Thumbnails are super important to captivate a viewer to click and view. Now, I know a lot of people use click bait such as a slightly misleading title or the gratuitous booby picture or sexy image for click bait. I have a...
  15. TheViralKing

    Star Wars Battlefront Live Commentary | “Heroes vs Villains” "Hoth" Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay!

    Hey guys, take a look at my first video on Star Wars Battlefront, let me know if you liked it, reply down here for stuff you want me to see and tell me your psn or steam id if you are looking to collab here is the video:
  16. AJ Super ToyLand

    I've got a questions about VIEWS!

    Hi guys! So i wanted to run this by you all.. I notice that if I comment on videos, i get more views. But whats strange is that if people go on my channel after seeing my comment on another person's video, then my featured video which automatically plays when people come on my channel will...