how to grow your channel

  1. HyDraid

    Top 10 YouTube Tips & Tricks

    1. Create Content That People Want You know the saying that “content is king”? It should be creating content that people want is king. But how do you find out what people want? The YouTube keyword tool lets you see what others are searching for on YouTube. Type in a word that is relevant to...
  2. DeanzEpic


    Ten tips to increase your subscribers. Even though there isn't a 'blueprint' to success on youtube, i hope these tips will help grow your channels! Good Luck :)
  3. Tyhd

    How to Start and Grow a Gaming Channel in 2016

    Hope this helps some of you
  4. T

    Why Watch time is more important than views!

    I thought I would take a little information from it and share with you! Ill make this super short and hopefully easy for everyone to understand. Back in the day youtube used to value VIEWS more than WATCHTIME They soon found out that just because you had a lot of views didn't mean your content...
  5. OhMyMilton

    How does one grow on Youtube?

    Hi everyone I got a question and that is how to grow on youtube? I feel like my channel is good enough to get in a couple of subs. I've been doing 'Youtube' for month already and all I got was 3 Subs one of them is my mom lol. I just need advice and tips on how to grow. I use sony vegas 13 and...