1. Dmenace

    I think I'm doing a strategic mistake

    Hi everyone My name is Denis and I've have a YouTube channel with different topics like. "metal detecting, diving, caving, urban exploring, climbing, extreme activities". And I think I've made a mistake by not focusing on one topic. Each week I'm posting different video from the category's...
  2. ForbidenProdigy

    Gaming Looking for People to Play With

    Just kinda looking for other small channels to try and play with to hopefully help each other grow in the long run or at least someone with the same interests to be friends with and bounce ideas off of from time to time. I don't really have anything to offer right now since I have pretty much 0...
  3. Henners


    Hey, I've reached 100 subs. It has taken me a year and I hope to continue to grow. I would be appreciative for any tips to help further growth. Feel free to watch my 100 Sub Special which is OFFICIAL FORTNITE 2 GAMEPLAY ;) Thanks for reading this
  4. Aarondaboi

    How do i optimize search options?

    Hey guys, i was just wondering if theres a good free keyword search or something to boost relevance for your videos? Also how do you get more exposure to your channel? Thank you for any advice!
  5. Azzvex

    How I Grew My Channel So Fast!

    So you have clicked this to: 1. Find out how I grew SO fast and 2. To find out how to grow your own channel, so lets begin... 1. Upload CONSISTENTLY. The first step to grow your channel is to upload consistently. Consistency is KEY to making it big on YouTube. I always upload consistently...
  6. Henners

    Please review my channel

    Hi, I just reached 20 subs and thanks for all of your support. Could you give me some tips and advice to help me improve the quality of my content so I can continue to grow. Thanks
  7. Henners

    Hey, I got to 20 Subs

    Thanks for all of your support. Please could you give some tips and advice to help improve my content.
  8. Mark Stise

    How do I use YTtalk to grow my channel?

    Hello: Okay it is important for you to have a little bit of a backstory. I started out with a Star Wars the Clone Wars channel (I still have it) I gained a lot of subscribers by doing music videos, I really enjoyed doing that. Given the fact people enjoyed my videos I began doing charity videos...
  9. Kindrrr

    How to get more views on YouTube?

    More watch time = more views! More interesting video = more watch time! Watch this video This video about the application to add scrolling text over the video. Due to this, the video becomes more interesting, informative and video gets organic growth.
  10. SoccerBrosTv

    What can I do to gain more viewers and subscribers?

    What can I do to gain more Subscribers and viewers? Is there anything to do like... Eye catcher or something? Please tell me below, thank you.
  11. Jamethan

    Gaming Looking for Fun content creators to collab and create a group with!

    Hey guys, how you doing? great? that's good man, that's real good! looking to create a group of content creators to accelerate all of our channels. I'm a youtuber who has just started a 2 weeks ago but started taking it seriously 1 week ago. I have 14 subs and have a huge passion for getting...
  12. crusadershorts

    [Guide] Script Writing - Scripting A Video: The Process

    [Guide] Script Writing - Scripting A Video: The Process So, YOU are wondering about scripting videos and the process? You've come to the right place. I run a lore and story channel that also produces loosely based video game content as well as videos regarding the background of some of our most...
  13. I M O B 1

    Gaming Gamers pc/xbox one

    Looking to start a gaming group of 4-6 or Find people who will frequently record with me. Needs: Xbox One and/ or PC I don't have a very good PC but I can run some games so if we play on PC beware of that. More than likely ill forget to check this thread so contact me through Twitter or...
  14. N

    Gaming Looking to collaborate with someone with hundreds or thousands of active subs

    Hey y'all, my channel username is NawarGaming and I have a little over 1k subscribers, I'm looking to collaborate mostly on Xbox One, I have Infinite Warfare, Friday the 13th, Titanfall 2, Castle Crashers Remastered and Mortal Kombat X be a real *****, don't be a d*ckhead, and let's make vids...
  15. CoolMoo5

    Post a YouTube Tip

    Reply to this with a SINGLE YouTube tip. Anything that a YouTuber might find helpful. It can be an obvious tip or something a little more complicated. You don't have to agree with all tips posted. I thought it would be cool to have a whole thread of YouTube tips that are short and easy to...
  16. G

    Facebook Ads or Youtube Ads

    Hi, I'm new here. My name is Giovanni, nice to meet you all! So this is my story, I have paid for both ad systems. And I Think Facebook is winning right now. I have paid for YouTube ads for some video in the past and got for $30 - 3k views and like 10 subs. Now, that was just bad. "a lot of...
  17. AbyssDroidZ

    What To Do To Get Notice By The Viewers

    I need help on my channel and thinking why I'm not growing even 1 sub and my friends grow but not me.... Is there a trick to get notice by the viewers and click the sub button?????
  18. I M O B 1

    Gaming Xbox one collab

    I'm looking for YouTube gamers on xbox one. Preferably 15+ Looking for someone frequent to be in my videos Sub count doesn't matter just be able to take jokes around with me. This would be sort of like a Partnership, if we continue to work well together then you will gain a special place in my...
  19. BrinoVlogs

    How do you grow a better vlogging channel?

    I rebooted my channel to becoming a vlogging channel lately, and although I had some growth over the past months. Recently, I'm in a subscriber Drought. SO I'm asking how do you grow a better channel or what are your stories to growing your channel or even to grow a channel faster? Thanks
  20. SnowAspire

    Opinions on Exagerated Personality

    I've notice (as I'm sure you all have) that all big youtubers use an exagerated personality, whether it be minor or extreme. I see this from streamers like Ali-A, Markiplier, Pewdiepie, etc. What do you think about using an exagerated personality as opposed to the person you really are? I ask...
  21. E

    Desperate for help... what do I do with my channel?

    Hey guys, I started YT this past July. I have been struggling to gain subscribers (~90 to date). I posted videos about stuff I wanted to (social justice-related) and struggled for views. Then I posted some videos on skincare/makeup. Now I am deciding what to do next, since I am very...
  22. SnowAspire

    Gaming Skyrim/Fallout 4 Mod Review Partner(s)

    I am looking for an individual to help review Skyrim and Fallout 4 Mods. I currently review them by myself, but I feel that if there was more of a discussion about the mods in review between 2 or more people, the videos could be even more entertaining. Right now, I am doing Mod reviews once a...
  23. TeddieCakes

    Gaming A way to involve viewers and other channels to grow together - channel idea and collaboration

    How do you feel when you see popular YouTubers sharing their successes, while comparing yours or other smaller channels to them? With me, I feel there should be more effort in showcasing and inspiring our audience and viewers,directly, to take that first step towards what they want! Though, I...
  24. ZactheRipper

    Aspiring New Tuber help

    Hey everyone, I have posted my first 3 videos and have been working out kinks and trying to find the best way of getting everything done in a timely manner and was wondering if you could check me out and give brutally honest feedback? I know I have some audio problems but that's been addressed...
  25. JanPlays_

    How to grow my channel?

    Hello everyone, I have a small channel (phaze) with 6 subs, I put a lot of tags in videos, i make 1080p videos, i bought access to the videos & channels part of the forum, i post my videos there every day but get only 5-10 views... so if anyone knows how to get more views and subscribers, please...
  26. R

    Gaming PS4 Funny Moments Collab??

    Hello, my name is Logan and I own the YT channel RageSquad2.0 and i was wondering if anyone wanted to collaborate to help each other grow.I record voices with Skype and i dont care how many subs you got. The purpose of my channel is to help small youtubers grow. I use it so multiple youtubers...
  27. G-Legend

    Does anyone have experience getting a gaming YouTube channel off the ground?

    Hey guys! Was wondering if anyone has any experience growing a gaming channel. I created my channel almost exactly a year ago. I didn't start consistently uploading until July/August 2016. I only have 40 subs and maybe it's just me but it seems like the channel is growing extra slowly. :crying...
  28. F

    i wanna grow, But how?

    Hi! I'm having a youtube channel and posting videos weekly. The videos are most CS:GO edits and videos. I'm feeling that kinda no one seeing my videos, i want to grow! But how? My youtube name - F0zen (the one who has 29 subs)
  29. Sauceboi

    Gaming Colabs and Groups

    Hey guys I'm Sauce boi and I make gaming commentaries and rants and storytimes. I have at the moment 43 subs and gain 2-3 per half a week I'm just looking for people who need someone to game with and colab with I'm always avalable hmu on Twitter @SauceBoi_Ugly and I really don't look for...
  30. Maarij Bashir

    How do I grow my Facebook page?

    This is something I've been struggling a lot. I've seen tutorials on how to grow your twitter and instagram and they have helped me out a lot, but when it come to my facebook page I have no idea how to promote it. It's ironic to that most of the people who find my channel use facebook. Any tips?