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Hey everyone, I have posted my first 3 videos and have been working out kinks and trying to find the best way of getting everything done in a timely manner and was wondering if you could check me out and give brutally honest feedback? I know I have some audio problems but that's been addressed and my new Mic is on the way. Thank you so much in advance.
My NoobTuber channel banner sucked, but yours is down right awesome. I like it. Your thumbnails need some work. In most of them the text is unreadable and they just look kind of bad. Don't worry though, mine look bad too. I am working on that as well. Your about section on your channel should say something about you. Some people, like myself, actually read it and some key words in it can help people find your channel. You should change your channel layout to where people can get to and see the different tabs, as well. The video quality is amazing, way better than I will ever achieve most likely! Your audio needs work, but you said you are getting a new mic so that is good! Your titles are good and you are really good at this YouTube thing! I feel like you'll get somewhere really fast! All you need to work on is all the dead space in your videos! I have the problem too, I know, It is hard with gaming to not have dead space. Other than that you seem like the NoobTuber YouTuber Kinda guy! ALSO! Your Editing! It is good! Better than mine will ever be, lol! You're good at this.
I like the intro. I will suggest you should try to make your thumbnail interesting that will attract for viewers. Also you should do some sound balancing. Try to have it in a away so it syncs really well. I don't have much idea how you guys record gaming videos but if there is any way you can use some software or sound card during recording it should help. Hope that helps.
Hey guys thanks so much for the feedback. I have been trying to implement what has been passed on to me and feel like it will continue to be a work in progress but at least I have a place to start thank you so much again.[DOUBLEPOST=1483252371,1483252260][/DOUBLEPOST]Also Liz I tried to visit you link and noticed it was broken... I fixed this by going to creator studio>my channel>copy the link from there. Just a heads up
The Videos overall are good only problem I can see is probably the Audio you sound really low, but you said you will be getting a new mic soon so that will be fixed! Good Job Man!
Hey guys I posted my first video a few days ago and I would really appreciate some feedback as well. I think you guys made some great comments. So anything for me I would really appreciate. Thanks in advance!!

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Yo this was awesome! I was laughing the whole way through the video XD

If you can please check out my videos as well and give me some feedback!