1. SheepDreams

    Honest Review?

    Hello name's Sheepy. Been gone from my channel for a few months but started in like late 2017. Anyways I consider myself a comedy channel. Most of my content is gaming, music videos and rants/storys. Through my own style of "animation". I'm looking for some new eyes too see what i can improve...
  2. Josephruben1999

    Q&A Video

    if you guys wanna be in the Q&A comment some questions and I will answer them :)
  3. Valerik

    Honest constructive feedback?

    Hey YouTubers and bloggers, I have a small gaming channel which I have been putting a lot of effort in for a few months now, and I would like to know what YOU think, and how YOU would enjoy it more. Thank YOU, to everyone wanting to share some constructive and honest feedback. Much...
  4. ZactheRipper

    Aspiring New Tuber help

    Hey everyone, I have posted my first 3 videos and have been working out kinks and trying to find the best way of getting everything done in a timely manner and was wondering if you could check me out and give brutally honest feedback? I know I have some audio problems but that's been addressed...
  5. AM2PM

    Please review my channel - I'm ready willing and able to change

    Here is my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjKzkDrLTbsVXFLtHtrOycg My brother and I started doing Big Brother videos, but have transitioned to our Twin Versus Twin series. That will be the focus. Thoughts, ideas, critiques? Thanks in advance.
  6. J

    I'll review your channel!

    Hey everyone, I see a lot of people on here wanting feedback, and some never getting it, so I figured I would offer to give some feedback! I also would just love to find more smaller channels to watch. I would love to give more technical feedback. More on ways to improve the overall quality of...
  7. CraftersMagicYT

    tell me your honest opinion on this.

    Well, tell me what you think! Just a video I made a bit ago, want honest opinions! :) #ragemode
  8. Emily Richardson

    I Can Take It!.....Probably

    Hey guys! So I've been posting a lot on here lately, and I absolutely love you guys, so I feel ready to ask you...*takes super deep breath* Could you guys take a look at my videos and tell me what you honestly think of them? Let me know if I could change anything in the branding, styling...