1. I

    Gaming PC Gaming | YouTube Collab | Funny | 18+ | Consistency

    hey! hey! I use to make gaming videos awhile back and achieved 150+ subs (if it matters to you guys) but I decided to start over and go for a whole rebrand. I would like to play a variety of games with you guys and just have a good time. Laugh and joking around with no drama. Games like: Dead...
  2. RuuD

    Advice for YT Noobs

    As someone that just got their channel setup, not completely just got some graphics and extra work to do but when im done i want to know how to spend my time wisely on and how to help myself grow. I plan on doing gaming videos/let's plays/walkthroughs. Mainly playing single player games but...
  3. A

    Can someone explain this to me?

    Hi my name is Kevin from Alvamated. I started my YT channel two weeks ago. I've uploaded two videos so far, in which a lot of time was spent (6 hours per video). I make whiteboard animation to teach people something or to provide new insights. but my videos do not get views at aside from the...
  4. Brettinator

    How To Start Your Channel

    Hey! I just made my channel recently and I already know what I want to do (weekday vlogs, with a special video, not vlog related every other week(I already have some scripts written out)). But I'm too afraid to start... My main concern is that I won't be able to be consistent or I will forget to...
  5. Xodom

    The best I have to offer?

    Hey, so I'd really appreciate it if someone could check out this video and let me know what they think. I am not posting in the criticism since I just want opinions, but I think this is the best video on my channel since I re-branded and started YouTubing again. Please please please if you watch...
  6. Benjaminruler

    What game is Lit RN

    I cannot believe I used that as my title but what games are really popular right now if any and how should I get them, I know MC is back on the rise but the game plays get fairly boring if I cannot enjoy or play the game very well. So any suggestion of what I should do next for my game plays. I...
  7. ZactheRipper

    Aspiring New Tuber help

    Hey everyone, I have posted my first 3 videos and have been working out kinks and trying to find the best way of getting everything done in a timely manner and was wondering if you could check me out and give brutally honest feedback? I know I have some audio problems but that's been addressed...
  8. zaralynette

    How many people actually use a script for their videos?

    So I'm a Youtube noob. I am currently doing review videos on my channel and I just need some advice on how to go about planning for a video. How many people actually write script before they record a video? For those of you who do write a script, how do you format it? Bullet points or verbatim...
  9. ThumbMuscles

    Hey! This is my second gaming video. Does it grab your attention? Does it keep it?

    Hey everyone! This is my second video ever, and I feel like it's a big improvement from my first. I worked a lot on the cinematic feel at the beginning, and the outro. Keeping it short is another critical change I made, hoping to keep the viewer engaged with faster cuts and more "juicy" clips...
  10. Rando

    I could use some pointers..

    So, I officially started my channel about three months ago.. Progress is slow, but it's there. I know that there's tons of stuff I could do better, I'm just not sure where to start. I work full time, so I don't always have the time to focus on my channel.. but I'm always trying to figure out how...
  11. SharSjar

    Noob alert on Overwatch! (Tracer)

    I'm still very new with Overwatch, but I do believe that it's a nice thing to be able to see people grow! Normally I use Ana, because I really like her as a healer. But there were already 2 healers in the party from what I could see. So I choose Tracer! Bare with me being new and all :P
  12. AkradonGaming


    Hello all, Names Akradon. I've been here before but under another channel. That channel kinda died a death, so now I'm back with another one trying to build myself back up again. I have a few videos up on my channel already, so would love it if anyone would give me pointers, hints and tips on...
  13. Its Ryan


    Hey guys!! I just posted a new gaming montage an my channel and I just wanted to know how well I did and if I could add anything to it!! Hey and if you liked it, it would be amazing if you guys can check out my other vids!!! THANKS!!! Link-
  14. Puck Mitchell

    DARK SOULS 3 - live on twitch, playing a pyro scrub!

    Alo Elo guys, I am duel comming with my brother as he plays through his new pyromancer. I assist with commentary but it is him playing. Come join for an hour or so or come check my channel for properly edited content. I will be streaming quite often so follow and keep updated. Generally around...
  15. j12stones

    FALLOUT 3 / N00b Explains!!!

  16. j12stones

    WORLD OF WARCRAFT: The Burning Crusade / N00b Explains!!! #06

  17. ChicTomboy

    Watch Me Noob Up Team Fortress 2

    I was just awful at this game. Maybe you would get a kick out of that.
  18. Dread Chemical

    Rainbow Six Siege #1 - I Have A Crap Team!

    Leave a like if you enjoyed my video and hope to see you on the next one :) Please be nice and respectful in the comments Music - or or Kevin MacLeod -...
  19. andermurias

    Starting on Youtube, Which camera should i use?

    Hi there! I'm really new in this thing, so first of all thanks for all the help! :) I want to start a Youtube channel, short reviews about series and films, and some cool gadgets, so mainly i'll record myself at home. Now i have some questions, the first of all is the camera, i own three...
  20. Cruzio Caesar

    How to successfully suck at Metal Gear Solid V

    Noobish antics on mgsv. Never played any game in this series, looking very exciting. Shame I suck so bad. Let me know what you think.
  21. S

    Gaming Friends??

    Hello, im a youtube noob, and i was wondering if anyone could do a collab or be a youtube partner with me. Im not very popular an am not planning to be, but its still worth a try. (oh and i do mostly gaming videos)
  22. MythicalTaco

    Brand New You-Tuber.Need Feedback.

    So i'm starting out in YouTube, i currently have 7 subs.And i'm stuck on that number.I really want to improve, so tell me what i need to work on, what i need to improve.Basically anything. Ether its good or bad.Trust me i can take it. : )
  23. sageNINJA

    Gaming Wanna play Garry's Mod? I make youtube videos :D

    Anyone want to play and possibly make videos? lol
  24. Onister

    Black Ops 2 Trickshoting as a noob

    Part 1 Part 2 hey everyone just got a new hobby and want to share it.