Starting on Youtube, Which camera should i use?


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Dec 16, 2015
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Bilbao - Spain
Hi there!
I'm really new in this thing, so first of all thanks for all the help! :)

I want to start a Youtube channel, short reviews about series and films, and some cool gadgets, so mainly i'll record myself at home.

Now i have some questions, the first of all is the camera, i own three cameras, the first one, a Xiaomi Yi camera , a Panasonic Lumix FZ70 (FZ72 in Europe) and a Pentax K-R .

No one of them has a mic input, but i have a voice recorder with a lavalier microphone so the audio is no problem.

The three cameras have their good and bad points, for example, the Xiaomi Yi camera (a cheap action camera), can record 1080p in 60p but the angular may be too big for home videos. The Panasonic FZ70/72 (a Bridge camera) can record video in 1080p 30p (or 1080p 60i, but i prefer 30p over 60i) with very good quality in MP4 or AVCHD but because of the small sensor, the bokeh effect is pretty poor, and finally the Pentax K-R that is a DSLR, and I own some lenses, like a 50mm prime that is really good for portrait, with really nice bokeh, but it only records video on 720p 25p.

So no one of them is perfect, and I can't decie which one should i use, so what do you think?

With the place to record is another problem i have, can't decide if its better to be stand up, sitting in my computer chair... any sugestion?

I have some photo equipment, so i think that for a start i have enough material, like tripod, some ilumination stuff , and I have an acceptable knowledge of Photoshop and Premiere Pro but is there any other thing that should i know or have?

Thanks For All :)


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Dec 20, 2014
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thanks for the answer RichGuitarGamer!

But i was wondering if any of the ones that i own could do the trick, at least for a time.
Honestly the cameras you have mentioned are fine, the question is how smooth are your videos coming out? plus how is the audio? It might be a good shout to get lighting umbrellas as I suspect those cameras deal only in natural light?


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Jul 23, 2014
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I'd go with the Pentax K-R myself. Just being a DSLR user, I do like the bokeh effect. I wouldn't let the 720p put you off. There's not much difference when it's compressed down on YouTube in my opinion.

Maybe do a quick test though? It really all depends on how comfortable you are with each camera. Same with the sitting or standing up. Whatever you're comfortable with, that's what I would go with. Just make sure the lighting is good and there's an interesting backdrop (or not). It all just depends on what you like best.

For syncing audio, you can clap three times and sync that picture to sound. :)