1. gerard loughran

    Is Youtube Work or Fun?

    Did anyone start there YouTube channel hoping to grow it into a career or full time work? Or was it just for a hobbie and some fun? What was your main reasons for starting a channel? I started mine because I am a bit of clown anysay lol and I had to stop playing sports and didn't have much...
  2. A


    i want to grow on YouTube i had a channel with 420 subscribers but it was disabled by YouTube (i got bigger by reciving a shoutout) what are good ways to grow faster.does anybody have any tips for growing?
  3. X

    Gaming Grow your gaming channel

    Channel Name: XtreeFull Subscribers: 61 Games: Cs GO. Unturned, etc. Platform: PC Intention: To share knowledge, help each other and grow our channels Preferred Age: 15+ Answer: Channel name Email address Age Platform Games Number of subscribers
  4. SmokeySpace

    Good Content, Bad Statistics, I Don't Get It Anymore

    I have good videos, I have good thumbnails, I have good tags, yet I can't seem to GROW. I feel like I keep hitting barriers that I can't surpass. I know this happens to a lot of YouTubers and I don't understand why. YouTube's algorithm is rigged for their benefit I feel, always putting the...
  5. Ballistic

    Pranking my Hot EX!

    Well the title says it all
  6. Voov

    Hitting the 1000 view mark on a video

    Having started Youtube just a month ago, we obviously didn't expect anything to viral, but one thing we've been finding hard to achieve is to get 1000 views on a single video. We have already over 1800 total views on the channel, but the maximum we've been capable of getting on a video is 560...
  7. Ballistic

    When to start Vlogging?

    I eventually want to have a vlog channel and also still have my main channel and was wondering, at what sub number is it big enough to start a successful vlog channel that would get a decent amount of views, I was thinking maybe around like 100k subs. Thanks!
  8. S

    Commentary Wanting to collab

  9. Matitude

    Gaming Collabs With All You Special People

    Of course as you can tell, I hope, that I do gaming videos. And in particular, commentary gaming videos. I want to say right off that I am not big into doing collabs with Call of Duty or anything of that such mainly because so many have done it. I want to be special and remembered for playing a...
  10. Voov

    Voice Acting An open position in Voov

    Having posted our very first video, we realized how much we need a voice actor to create much more interesting & diverse content. Furthermore, we are reaching out to this kind of people here in the forums, to see if there's anybody interested on the position. We're hoping to create channel...
  11. Alec Shepherd

    What is the number one best way to get subscribers?

    Hey guys, I would like to know what you guys think the number one best way to get subscribers is?
  12. Voov

    Do you think there's an ultimate formula to Youtube success?

    Everyone talks about having a good schedule, using certain keywords in the title, descriptions and tags, interacting with your fanbase... But is there truly a way to make a Youtube channel successful, or if anything, make it grow much more? Personally, I think luck has a lot to do with it, as...
  13. Z

    I can't seem to grow my channel?

    I've been posting weekly for almost a year and I think it's good content. I promote a lot on social media and stuff but I cant seem to gain subs or views? Of course it's not about the numbers but i want to reach a larger audience. What am I doing wrong/what do i need to do? some feedback would...
  14. Voov

    Other Looking for underrated creators

    We're Voov, a studio focused on promotion and basically featuring upcoming talents in our Youtube channel. We will be submitting excerpts of the creators' videos in our channel in order to briefly showcase what the user is posting about on Youtube and possibly be able to spread the word about...
  15. ChaseAndFriends

    When did you notice your channel started to grow?

    I would like to start off by saying that I DO NOT DO YOUTUBE FOR FAME! I don't do YouTube so no one will watch either I didn't come to complain though!!! I've been doing YouTube for four and a half months now and really enjoy it! I feel like I have pretty good content and...
  16. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    HOW TO GET BIG ARMS (trust me)

    Hope you enjoy it :D
  17. Jayel_Boss

    I'm kind of lost

    Hey people's so i know that on yttalk that you must have a membership to post threads in certain forums so i was just curious since i don't have a membership is there a forum where i could copy and paste my videos or a link on there and ask for peoples opinion on it or is that against the...
  18. Banished

    Other Want to collab! Gaining confidence and motivation videos!

    Hey! Just started a new channel based on helping people gain confidence and just life issues people might encounter. check out my channel and let me know if you are interested! I've only just started but jump on board for something great!
  19. lifeofadventure


    YO YOUTUBERS! I make sport,travel edits! I want COLLAB with youtubers! CONTACT ME if you want me to EDIT your videos for your channel or make a collab? I want to connect and make a growth peace Got : 500 subscribers Message me if your on
  20. Jadsey

    Honest Channel Feedback/Review

    Hello guys! I have been making videos for quite a while now, and I was wondering if any of you guys could give me some honest feedback? What can I do better, and things like that. Here's my YouTube channel: Jad$ey (and if you like my content, then please be sure to SUBSCRIBE!) Thank you guys...
  21. Tevan

    HOW TO GROW YOUR YOUTUBE QUICKLY. My first channel = 15k subs, My second channel = 261subs

    Hey, guys it is Tevan again. I created an account here last night and for those of you who didn't read my introduction message. Here's a little background on my youtube history as of now, my first channel ever which was once named "LyriczLegend4Ever" (now named "Tevan") has about 15k subs as of...
  22. Alexxd25

    I'm not sure what to do

    hey! So recently I've neen getting a bit more views than normal and people say "I don't know how you are so small" or " you should have more subs!" And well I don't know if it's true but I've seen some channels with THOUSANDS of subs that post pretty "meh" content and I was thinking that maybe...
  23. crackbot72

    Getting Top Comment On a Popular Video

    So recently i commented on a video that at the time of me typing this has 1,750,584 views. My comment at the moment has 655 likes... and thats the only time ive ever gotten top comment on a popular video. Ive been hyped about it ever since, and most of the people i told, didn't give a s***. so...
  24. PositivelyBrainwashed

    Other YTTalk group - Let's get to know each other

    Incase you guys have not heard of Blab, it's an amazing platform where you can easily create blabs which are like chatrooms of any topic you want. The blab allows you to have 4 people on camera who can come on and off while the rest of the audience are able to participate on chat. Blab allows...
  25. KingTricky

    Gaming Want to collab on Minecraft and League of Legends :)

    Hi ! I'm 16 years old boy from Bulgaria ( Also speak English !) and I wanna collab with 100 + subscribers channels. Games : Minecraft and League of Legends ! I wanna grow with someone who make good quality contents . You must be 13 + years old ! And here is my email for connection ...
  26. T

    Gaming Clan- NEED YOUTUBERS!

    Hey guys im a youtuber and i need members for my clan! i have 260 subs! I produce great content for my subscriber amount! also my twitch has 380 followers! If you are interested in joining respond with your channel link and agario skill! This clan is not suppose to be a little clan i am...
  27. CamGaming

    Gaming Gaming Group - Regularly - New to YT - Any games

    Hi,I am new to YouTube and only have 11 subscribers but that's after just a couple of weeks. I am looking to form a group which play together regularly, join in on each others series and grow together. To make this work I think similarities are required so if you are like me (about me below)...