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i want to grow on YouTube i had a channel with 420 subscribers but it was disabled by YouTube (i got bigger by reciving a shoutout) what are good ways to grow faster.does anybody have any tips for growing?
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Work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as much as you can.

This means title your videos efficiently and specifically. Example: NOT "Minecraft Lets Play: Ep 1" but instead "Markiplier's Tornado Mod Minecraft Let's Play Ep. 1"

Also TAGGING is the second most important thing here. Don't tag one worded things, tag sentences and phrases as much as you can.

NEXT - Networking is super important. Comment around the community, make friends with similar subscriber ranges or even offer to edit videos for larger channels. I've done that before for a YouTuber with nearly 1 million subs who plays GTA V. I made him a cinematic compilation video and he uploaded it to his channel gaining me some traffic. Cinematography was something I was good at, he was good at getting awesome GTA footage so we could work together and both benefit each other.

Following, make sure your channel is looking nice n' spiffy! Have nice channel art and a good avatar picture to match it. This will help followers take you and your work more seriously. This also applies to thumbnails.

Hope this all helped!
- Quality Content
- Nice upload schedule
- Nice artwork
- Good Commentary
- Networking
- Good SEO
- Time and patience

Follow all of that and you will grow. Give it time.