1. BrownMonkey101

    Gaming Want to Collab? I'll help YOU to GROW!

    Yo guys its me BrownMonkey101 here! I currently have over 100 subscribers and would like to find channels with similar sizes to collab with! If you do decide to collab with me then great, because I can help you to grow and in return you can help me! Requirements! 1. Must have atleast 50...
  2. Scrambled Games

    How to grow my channel?

    Hey guys! I just wanted to know if anyone had any tips for me on how to grow my channel? I started my channel about 7 months ago and seamed to have accumulated 8 subscribers, my main focus is making entertaining videos and building a community and I have researched a lot about growing your...
  3. AranoixGaming

    Gaming 9k Subs Collaborating/Re-branding Channel

    Just to start off a few months ago our channel moved away from Minecraft which was its primary focus. Now we play/record a wide range of PC games and we're looking to build up our community with as many collaborations as possible. We're mainly looking for recording on PC doing any games from...
  4. itsellis

    Any Small Vloggers around 200 Subs? Or Feedback for Feedback

    Hi my name is ellis i love making videos for youtube I'm trying to get into special effects again but very light, even though my recent videos don't contain any! If anyone would take the time to check out my channel and maybe give me so constructive criticism i would be very grateful and would...
  5. Roosterxbros

    Tips to grow my channel?

    So ive been stuck at 640+ subs for quite a bit now, any tips? to grown my channel? thanks :)
  6. I

    I need help!

    Hi, i'm Ian and I started my channel a month or so ago and i'm stuck at a few subs. Ive been making videos on multiple channels since 2008 and have a lot of experience. I recently decided to settle down in one kind of videos and I only recently joined a network. I need help growing! If anybody...
  7. scHD

    How to start YouTube right

    Hello everyone I'm a gamer/youtuber who has been doing YouTube for 2 months and have 15 subscribers. What I want to know is if there are any tips to help me grow. Thanks
  8. PieVoy

    Gaming Collabs?

    Hey guys/girls it would be great if I could get a collab with anyone with a youtube channel the only restriction is that you have to have at least 10 Subscribers. Thanks! xD. If you want to collab here is ways to contact me: 1.Go to my channel (PieVoy) and comment on one of my videos 2.Email...
  9. Rjayo

    Reaction Channel - Struggling to compete with the small dogs never mind the big dogs!

    Hey guys I've recently started a Reaction channel.These are very popular right now and everyone is doing them, so i can understand why my subs are not budging! I started of doing it for fun but I've fallen into that YouTube trap where i check my likes/subs every few hours! I really enjoy it so...
  10. Moses Minchuk

    What are the best ways to grow your channel fast but yet staying in your niche?

    My second channel has videos but I found that my subscribers and views stay the same and it really stresses me out. Does anyone have any ideas of how you would grow your channel fast within a year?
  11. CubizFIFA

    Methods you have used to grow?

    I am really interested in methods people have used to grow, and if they have worked? Please share any methods of video making sharing whatever you have done to help you grow, and if the have been successful.
  12. Dranx Gaming


    I want to know how I can make my channel grow quicker with subs, views, likes, etc. because right now it seems like my channel is growing extremely slow