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I want to know how I can make my channel grow quicker with subs, views, likes, etc. because right now it seems like my channel is growing extremely slow
How about you start creating content, comment on other YouTubers that have similar content and take your time?

The quick and easy answer is: There is nothing you can do to make your channel take off. It does, or doesn't. If you are about the numbers you can bet your behind you have a higher likelihood to not succeed at all. People sniff those people out a mile away. How? Because those people create threads bitching about slow growth, comment "check out my channel plz" on big YouTuber pages and can't take a hint that their content just doesn't resonate with anyone.

Me? 1.8K subscribers over the course of 2+ years. Good? Nope, not at all if you are about the numbers. But, I couldn't care less about the subscriber count. It's the community that counts. And guess what? The more you are part of the community, the more the community will be a part of you. And that in itself is very fulfilling!
There is only one way. Luck.

Most people who've worked at this for months/years and have really good quality videos aren't usually taking off as fast as they'd like to. But what can they do? Nothing. It's all about luck. Luck brings massive traffic to your channel, but QUALITY videos keep those people coming back. So.. spend more time on your channel, asking constructive questions and less time asking about how to gain subs, likes and views quickly because there isn't any other way. (Except luck)

You gotta work at it yourself!