How do you grow a better vlogging channel?

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I rebooted my channel to becoming a vlogging channel lately, and although I had some growth over the past months. Recently, I'm in a subscriber Drought. SO I'm asking how do you grow a better channel or what are your stories to growing your channel or even to grow a channel faster? Thanks
make great videos that are not about you. when you are new no one cares about you. make your vids about awesome things that you happen to see or do. The key is always make more videos. And increase the quality of the video. It may take you hundreds or thousands of videos to actually be able to develop that skill.
This question is too general. Everyone wants to grow their channel. If there were a magic formula to growing a channel, we'd all have a million subs. ;)

@mattv2099 gave you some excellent advice. 90% of a successful channel is about making good videos and doing it regularly.

I suggest you start reading some of the many other threads about strategy / growing a channel before starting any new ones and then you'll be in a better situation to ask some specific questions. :)

There are lots of threads about this already. Here are some sections to check out:

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Good luck.
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