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I personally like to set really small, short term goals. When I started in August, my original goal was 50 subs by the end of the year. I'm now on 87 and aiming for 100 by the end of the year, but even if I don't reach it, I'll still be happy because my original goal was only 50 ^_^ I haven't really worked out any goals for 2016 yet, but it would be nice to reach 200-250 before my birthday in June, and any more than that would be a fabulous 21st birthday present ^_^

No matter what your goals are, good luck, and I hope you reach them!
That sounds like a great goal! As long as you keep up with your videos, subscribers will flock to you as seagulls flock around a hot dog at the beach (My California is showing...).

My own goal for 2016 is to gain at least a small but faithful subscriber base. It would be great to have a schedule that not only keeps my channel updated but also works around my busy high school life.
I'm just getting started, so I guess 100+ subs would be a good goal for 2016. Of course I'm hoping for more, but 100+ would be great already :D
I am 2 years on YOutube now and i want to have until the next year 10.000 Subs. If it will be i will extremely happy.But also if i will have 8.000 it will be ok.
By the end of 2016 I want to have 20,000 subscribers. This may be a bit high, but I have noticed that when people stick with it, they tend to make goals like this.
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