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My goal iss... 500. Thats a good number, I guess! I think it's realistic..
My goal at the moment is 300, which I'm 25 off (Yasss) so I think that would be a really easy number for the whole of 2016...
If I get to 500 by my birthday next year my goal will be 1k for 2016!! oh god, I couldn't imagine that...
Goals For 2016:

5,000+ Subscriber's
New CoD Series At Lease Every Other Month
3-4 Weekly Uploads Until I Start Getting Bigger
50,000+ Video Views

Wish Me Luck, Seems Like A Lot Because I'm Only At 37 Subscribers Now But If You Have A Dream, Chase It. Don't Let People Tell You You're Not Good Enough, And Why Work A s****y 9-5 Job Everyday When You Can Do A Job You Love And Be Around The People You Love!

Good Luck To All Of You Guy's And Your 2016 Goals!
I have one goal for 2016, nice and simple.

50,000 Subscribers

Between not having University/my videos improving in quality by every passing week I'm pretty confident.
That's a good goal, you might even pass it. Post multiple times a week and be consistent. I'm not one to talk since I too just opened a channel a week ago haha but why not share your option right?

Promote promote promote. You just have to hustle, I printed out business cards, I spam my channel on Facebook, I'm sure people are annoyed but they are watching!
I am hoping to see a good increase over this coming year. I hope to hit 5K by next year this time, so far in three months I have gone from 8 to 338. It has kinda stalled now but so far so good.
Since I just started I want to keep it small.

My most important one is keep uploading atleast one video every day

My goals for:
Subscribers in 2016: 1000 (currently at 16 and it might be hard to achieve, but I like it when my goals are a little bit higher than I think is possible to push me a little more)
Total views in 2016: 20.000 (currently at ~1.100, and if it keeps going as it goes now I would def. reach 10 to 15K, so again a little bit higher than I think is possible)
My main goal is to upload consistantly. I am very new (0 subs) so it doesnt matter so much now but I want to have good quality content mon-wed-fri. I am too new to hope for sub numbers, so I will have to wait and see, but im hoping it gets rolling along soon.
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