1. ShawnMcCallum

    500 Subs!!

    I hit a big milestone today of 500 subs! Happy to see the growth and share this milestone with the YT Community. Here's hoping the journey to 1000 doesn't take nearly as long!
  2. GrannyGamer

    1/2 Way to Monetisation! 500 Subs in 3 Months :)

    Hey guys, I'm really happy here, it's a couple of days over 3 months since starting my channel and I'm at 500 subs :bounce: I'm super excited!!!
  3. sphamedia

    Other 500 subs! lets collab

    so i hut 500 subs recently and i really want to expand my youtube friend group. I make alot of anime and horror game related content so if you think our video types work well together or you've got an idea you think ill like then dont be shy. Size doesent really matter to me but if theres...
  4. Elysia

    500 FINALLY!!!!

    YAYYYY. so our channel has been quite inactive for a while. We recently started doing Daily Vlogs 8 days ago and have take then channel from 480 to 500 FINALLY! We cant wait to continue the vlogs and designing T-shirts and taking you all along for the ride! Hopefully we grow even quicker!
  5. shanesmaineshop

    500 subscribers Finaly

    I just hit 500 what a great feeling. it took a long time I hope the next 500 come a lot faster thank you to all of my current and future subscribers. I really appreciate all of you. Thanks shanesmaineshop
  6. A

    I'm apparently a Super Poster?! 500 posts on yttalk!

    Yep! Now I'm apparently a "Super Poster"! Because I've made 500 posts on the forum!
  7. HelvetiaGaming

    Just reached my first milestone!

    I just started with YouTube a few weeks ago and now i've just reached my first Milestone which was 500 wievs. I can't believe how fast my first goal was completed. This would have never been possible without you guys out there. Next milestone is 100 subs, only 11 more to go :) Thank you for...
  8. J

    500 subs!!

    I just hit 500 subs! Was a long journey, trying to find my real chanel goals and figure out where i wanted to go with my whole channel! Gained 200 subs in the last month so it's good to see my channel growing! I hope together we can hit 1000 before the end of this year! But i'm so proud to have...
  9. M. B. Harkins

    500 Subscribers!!! :O

    I randomly gained 55 new subscribers and 24 new comments overnight, and surpassed my 500 subscriber goal, and just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! I am so overwhelmed right now. I definitely have to make a video now to say thank you!!! I have so many different ideas and am so excited to...
  10. Ash27

    500 Subscribers!

    Wow, the last 3 months have been crazy and amazing! We posted our first vlog on June 14th and today hit 500. I learned a lot from this forum and all the wonderful helpful people here! Now the road to 1000!
  11. Hellolabgroup

    500 subs in 6 months!

    Hey everyone! Very excited and pleased to announce that I finally hit 500 subs!!! WHICH MEANS we are only 500 away from our goal of 1,000 subs and we still have 6 months to go! Very happy to have reached this milestone and I feel so thankful to have so many truly awesome and amazing subs :D <3
  12. FraYoshi

    When You are nearly a Milestone..

    I'm actually nearly a milestone I set years ago and I'm feeling very strange......... :unsure: 8 subscribers to 500 ~5000 at 10k views But I'm experiencing many changes in my life, way to do things, work, minds... It started in a language but evolved in another.. It started as a random...
  13. ZeldaFreak

    500+ Views

    Hey guys i know i made a post a little while ago so i would just like to say thankyou all again for getting me to 500 Views really means alot to me knowing people have watched my videos. I have recently started a new series and i hope to bring in more people to finally start my own community...
  14. George Tb

    500 Subs Ideas

    Hi guys, Recently reached 500 subs and was wondering what kind of weird/wacky and wonderful things I can do on my channel to celebrate. I'm looking for something outside the box. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. My videos are mainly vlogs and gaming based with some variation. Thanks you...
  15. MeLow1811

    500 Views surpassed

    Hi guys, just wanted you all to know that I have surpassed 500 video views on my channel :) It is a great feeling knowing that there are views coming to channel and people are checking out the content. I know that we have to keep improving content (Audio, Video, Commentary) but it will take time...
  16. Happybird

    Gaming PC Gaming Collab +- 400 subs

    Hello everyone hope you meet the requirements so we can help each other out!! :) Requirments Collab: •14+ (kinda mature) •must upload frequently •decent mic (No s****y background) •ONLY PC games!!! -looking for youtubers around the 400 sub count (min 300 sub) Willing to play pc games not sure...
  17. Callico

    Just hit 500 subscribers!

    Hey Guys, I wanted to thank each and everyone of you for hitting this milestone now only 500 more subscribers until the big 1000 subscribers. To celebrate 500 subscribers I have released a Free FIFA 16 YouTube banner template. Enjoy!
  18. jack leigh

    Gaming i am a fifa youtuber xbox one 597 subs colab?

    i am a fifa youtuber xbox one 597 subs colab? tell me your skype how many subs you have and your channel name if interested