2016 goals

  1. TalkFandomToMe

    1M+ Views!

    Yep, you read the title right. Somehow, some way, I got to the big 7 digits. To be honest, I didn't expect to get to 4, but now that I've gotten here I'm extremely grateful! And I can say I owe a lot of this stuff to the helpful and friendly community here at YTtalk, so thank you!
  2. Seebeard

    New Year Progress Feedback

    Howdy howdy everyone here at YTTalk, I've been running a variety show channel for a few months now with a few really funny friends of mine called "Hub 32". We do various things from podcasts to life advice to gaming and currently working on a lot of original collaboration ideas. With 2016 upon...
  3. Seano1

    NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS! Do they work for you?

    New Year Resolutions people may have...
  4. JordiUniverse

    Spread Positivity 2016

    I figured I would end 2015 on a high note! I can't say it is a resolution because this is something that is going to surpass next year onto being a life time thing! I am trying to add more positivity to my life and you should too! Are you up for the challenge?
  5. Readee

    Goals for 2016

    Hi everyone I just started my channel last week and am now hooked on making Youtube videos. So i'm now want to set myself some Goals for 2016. I was thinking around 1000 subs by the end of next year. do you think this is a realistic goal or am i setting the bar to high or low? would love to hear...
  6. TCS

    50,000 SUBSCRIBERS!!! 2016 GOALS!!

    Hey guys so my channel recently hit 50,000 subscribers and i am so stoked! I have been on this road with my co partner for awhile now and its nice to see it paying off! 2015 is coming to an end with 1 month left to go so i guess its time to talk about aims for 2016! I personally want to achieve...