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  1. daniboy1991

    Strategies & Technique I Use To Hit 1000 Youtube Sub In A Weeek

    Hello YouTubers, here is a quick strategy I use to hit 1000 sub in a week, I mean legit way, monetization friendly strategy. Even though you already got over a thousand sub, you can still use this strategy so you can continue growing your channel.
  2. ShawnMcCallum

    300 Subscribers! (A perfect bowling game)

    Hi everyone! I got some really great feedback and the nicest comments from my latest drone reel video and gained 50+ subscribers, I have now reached the 300 subs milestone. Pretty stoked to finally see some growth. Just wanted to share that! Cheers.
  3. F

    YAY! 1k Subs :D

    So i have a weight loss journey/ lifestyle vlog channel and ive just gotten my 1k Sub goal , ive been at 4k hours reached for ages so was just waiting on my 1k :D So excited !
  4. Ishtiak Ahmed

    Reached 50 subscribers

    It's not an easy task to attract people to a channel without quality contents or some hot spicy issues or contents. But channels will be gradually. Some channels gets natural boost and some might not. I am on second category and I am willing to work for increasing my subscriber count.
  5. GooberVlogs

    Hit 600

    Whooop whooop 600 subscribers... At the rate i'm going I should hit 1000 in 2 years LMFAO!!
  6. VRONA

    How Many Views and Subscribers did you Have When Your Channel Took Off?

    So I've been recently looking a lot on how my channel compares to others in terms of growth rate, etc., and it's been always apparent that my channel is growing extremely slowly, with only 205 subscribers and 8.5k views after 4 years. So I want to know if you have a channel that took off, what...
  7. Annette Regina

    Finally hit the 100 subscriber mark!!!

    After roughly 10 months and 30 videos later, I finally hit the 100 subscriber mark. 101 to be exact! right after my birthday! woohooo!!! I feel like it took forever! But I'm glad I hit the 100 subscriber mark before the end of the year because that was a goal I had. Here comes the question, so...
  8. The Matt Diaries

    Just passed 20 subs

    I've been vlogging for about a month and just passed the 20 subscriber mark . Really enjoying so far!!
  9. BlackSpiderYT

    10 Subscribers Can I REACH 15

    HEY i am hearing because i just reached 10 subscribers i dont think i should have reached it with only 1 video but still i am thankful because i have had a couple of channels and this is the fastest growing channel
  10. KantoGaming


    I have reached 800 Kanto Fam members!! Let me tell you, it was hard! Especially since I took a break from YouTube and came back I'm so over joyed and I never thought I would make it this far. Now onto 1,000!!
  11. KantoGaming

    Gain a Sub Lose A Sub

    My channel has been doing this a lot lately. I will gain a subscriber and then the next day I will lose a Sub, or sometimes even the same day. And no it's not the people who just subbed that are unsubscribing. I have a feeling it's because i did a giveaway a while ago and now all of those...
  12. MechaJake

    JUST HIT 200 SUBS + 30,000 VIEWS :D

    Hey everyone! After many hours and much work, I've finally managed to reach 200 subs for my channel.This has got me so excited about the future and I really want to start putting out more content regularily to help it grow further :) Thank to everyone who helped me reach this milestone, on the...
  13. Quick Question

    Hiding Subscriber Count - Yay or Nay?

    I have less then 10 subscribers. Is it better to let the world know this or keep it hidden until I get more? Also, would you subscribe to a channel where you don't know the amount of subscribers they have? I'm curious. Let me know what you think!
  14. Dismal Bliss

    What is your favorite 'Live Subscriber' counter?

    I know of a few of such services, such as and but sometimes I see people posting screencaps that don't look familiar. I was wondering what everybody's favorite live subscriber counter is. Now I am small enough that my counter on my channel is usually accurate. I...
  15. Oliver Potter

    I have hit 1000 subscribers!

    It's been a journey but I have hit a milestone! A small one, but its a milestone to say the least! Next Stop 10,000 subscribers! Thank you to anyone who may have subscribed using YtTalk!
  16. FrankenPixelGaming

    Subscriber Goals

    Okay, so obviously there are a lot of variables when it comes to getting subscribers/views. Branding, marketing, etc. are all important and to a certain degree luck is as well. But what about giving your viewers a reward for when you reach a certain number of subscribers/views. We've all heard...
  17. UnicycleFight

    Half way to 100! I can smell that custom URL!

    I have surpassed all the goals I set to reach by Christmas and I'm starting to see significant increase in traffic and engagement! :bounce::dance::spin::running::twins::giggle:
  18. Jgaust Online

    50 Subs and 2,000+ views!

    Hello Hello Hello! And THANK YOU to everyone that helped me get to this point! Psh, everyone always told me video games wouldn't get me anywhere!
  19. Star Wars Geek

    I hit 10 Subs!

    Hurray! I hit 10 subscribers to my channel. I know it's a small amount in comparison to other channels but it sure is great to see the growth starting. Reading comments on this forum for advice has certainly helped.
  20. Jack Swish

    40 subs!!

    I am so pleased seeing my channel growing in the last 3 weeks managing to grow to 40 subscribers!!! I'm so happy people are liking my content and want to see more! I know the next 10 will be very hard! If anyone has any advice or tips to help me please let me know :)
  21. pioneer1

    To Hide Subscriber Count Or Not To Hide Subscriber Count?

    Hi all, I tried to both show or hide subscriber count and had mixed results. For a very small channel low subscriber count might not look as popular or subscriber worthy as a bigger channel with lots of subs. I think people tend to subscribe more to channels with lots of subscribers already...
  22. Henry Gallimore

    What do you hope to get from Youtube?

    What are your ultimate aspirations with Youtube? Questions to consider with your answer: -Do you want to be a full time Youtuber? -Is Youtube a stepping stone/hobby that you hope will lead to other things? -Do you have an ultimate subscriber/viewercount goal? -Do you want to have social...
  23. DuncanT

    Thoughts on people who do sub4sub?

    Haha, that clickbait was pretty cool! Just a disclaimer, I'M NOT DOING SUB 4 SUB OR WHATEVER, 100% OF MY SUBSCRIBERS ARE LEGIT AND PEOPLE THAT WATCH --- Hey guys! So I was wondering since there is still so much sub4sub going on, have you guys ever done it or are you doing it? I just want to...
  24. orlyluvjemma

    Wohoooo hit 1,000 Divas

    Sick with strep and new to this group. Wanted to share I hit 1,000 Divas(what I call subscribers ) last night. Hope to add a few more from this group. Take care and wohoo!!!!
  25. Joshua Solano

    I already have 20 subscribers with almost 2000 views on my channel!

    Hi! As you've read in the thread, I've got 20 subscribers with almost 2000 views! That's mental. The amount of effort I've put in the channel is quite gruesome, but worth it. Check out my channel guys and help Maharlika grow! :) Search these terms if you have time: kickass Filipina actress who...
  26. midzan21

    Finally 100 subs

    Finally... It took me almost a month to reach 100 subs. It all started back at end of May this year when I got first boom with subs. Next boom was around 20. June with one viral clip. And now last days I get about 1-2 subs and today got them about 6 or 7 IDK, didn't really checked this...
  27. Peter Poulos

    Hit 500 Subscribers last night, so happy.

    I hit 500 subscribers last night and I could not be happier. I figured I would make this my first post to the forums as I just stumbled here this morning. I never thought I'd hit 100 let alone 500. The fact that I am finally motivating myself and committing and having it actually pay off is such...
  28. Rita-Marie Hartford


    Since apparently I was violating the rules. Sorry. Won't happen again. Talking about how many subscribers I have.
  29. Marriagestart

    (For Gamers on youtube)in keeping with the curiousity...?

    I'm curious. i want to hear some real answers here, but still in curiosity. I'm using the community as i hope all of us do for some of these answers and to blather pointless thoughts that rattle around in my head. so here is today's question. As a content creator with the real intent to make...
  30. Readee

    Goals for 2016

    Hi everyone I just started my channel last week and am now hooked on making Youtube videos. So i'm now want to set myself some Goals for 2016. I was thinking around 1000 subs by the end of next year. do you think this is a realistic goal or am i setting the bar to high or low? would love to hear...