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Hit 500 Subscribers last night, so happy.

I hit 500 subscribers last night and I could not be happier. I figured I would make this my first post to the forums as I just stumbled here this morning. I never thought I'd hit 100 let alone 500. The fact that I am finally motivating myself and committing and having it actually pay off is such a great feeling!
also hit 500 about a day ago!! Haha congrats :) btw your channel is really cool, keep up the good work.
Congratulations on getting 500 subscribers! maybe aiming for 1k by the end of the year?
Thanks my man! I am aiming for 1k but hoping to achieve that well before the end of the year. I have had my channel since 2012 but really started devoting time to it in middle of May this year so I would say it is getting decent growth!
Congratulations man, just looked at your channel and you really deserve it for all the effort you put in. Especially like your movie reviews ;)