1. Total Maher

    Need help with a specific editing idea

    Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a great day! Below I have attached some photos. What type of editing is that and what software should I use to combine two eras of photos? Bit of a newbie. Thank you all!
  2. mbherdman


    Going into 2017 I wanted to reflect back on some thoughts that I thought might be important to some people. So here it is, my open letter to 2016.
  3. benoftheweek

    2017 will be worse than 2016

    We thought the world was gonna end in 2012, and it did!
  4. Ginganator87

    New Years goal of 50 met!

    I've been a YouTuber for a year and finally hit fifty subs! It's not a lot by far but it still means a ton to us
  5. The Happy Gamer


    Thank you guys so much for a great year! We've had so many memorable moments and I am overwhelmed with joy! You all are the best fans any YouTuber could ask for and I owe it all to you! Tell me what your favorite month was in the comment section. Mine was September! I'm looking forward to all...
  6. Mr Danny

    NOT 2016 In Review

    After a year of strenous fight, we have finally defeated 2016. Wow. What a battle. Not even Sun Tzu could've defeated that foe easily. But now it's time to NOT look back at this year, and NOT reflect on it's major events and NOT discuss them in a NON-comedic manner.
  7. KaizzyB


    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all, have a lovely day and enjoy with family. Thanks for supporting me and watching my videos and remember I love you ❤! -KaizzyB
  8. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    12 Days of Christmas Workout

  9. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Healthy Delicious Smoothie in 30 seconds

  10. MultiDragon129


    Whispy Tho --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dark Souls 3 Part 16 Full Co-op Playthrough w/ RICDRAGONZR4U is continuing on as we travel through the...
  11. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    How to be fit, happy and positive (:

  12. KaizzyB

    KIDS THESE DAYS :O - Let's Talk Episode 5

    KIDS THESE DAYS... What has happened to this current generation of teens going through high school? Things seem to be a little off, or maybe every generation says that about the one that follows.. Anyway, come watch me talk to my 15 year old cousin about why kids are the way they are. ALSO WATCH...
  13. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    How to BE fit not just look it!

  14. JanPlays_

    Antichamber | Game Reviews | Like no other game you've ever played

    Hello everyone, today I'm reviewing AntiChamber! A game with a giant map full of illusions, tricks, clues and things that you have to find! This game is like no other game i've ever played. The ratings are very positive everywhere and I rate it 9.5/10 Please Subscribe if you enjoyed!
  15. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Get the arms you've always wanted!

  16. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Meet the Queen of Fat Burners

  17. MultiDragon129

    Dark Souls III # 15 | DEATH RUN ←~(o `▽´ )oΨ

    DARK SOULS 3 #15 | DEATH RUN! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everybody this is MultiDragon129 BACK for my full...
  18. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    A weird New Zealand Holiday

  19. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    A New Zealand Summer

  20. L

    Hot Topic .

  21. DoggoMC

    YouTube Rewind 2016 Upload Date!

    So on the YouTube Twitter they tweeted "Just going to leave this here... #Rewind2016" with a picture of some seemingly random things lined up, but if you look, these objects spell out "DEC 7 2016". So, mark the date! Rewind 2016 will be out on the 7th of December!
  22. Mr.raspberryxd


    We on a henny hunt we on a money hunt but at the end of the day all we did was catch those L's If you guys like the video.... SHARE it with your freinds! theyll enjoy it too and LIKE!!! COMMENT!!!!!!! and even SUBSCRIBE TO YA BOII!!!!!!!!!
  23. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    How much body fat do you have?

  24. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Official Tough Mudder 2016

  25. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Exploring Melbourne

  26. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    How to be a tourist in Melbourne Australia

  27. TwoTakes

    Thoughts/ tips on new End Screens Feature?

    So we have been making moving end screens manually for a while using our editor/ the annotations function on Youtube but now Youtube has brought a new, seemingly better feature to replace annotations: End Screens. The last couple of videos we have released have been done in a real rush as we...
  28. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Tough Mudder in Melbourne VLOG >:D

  29. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    Training for Tough Mudder

  30. Kieran Hedley Fitness

    How To Reverse Diet