youtube advice

  1. Amber lynx

    What I gotta do to get a comment

    i recently decided to do a giveaway on my channel. I know small channels have no business trying to do that but after seeing th success of another small channel like mines I thought I could do it. It's been a couple days and no one entered not even followed the rules. I been thinking of ways to...
  2. DigiBox

    Subs going stagnent compared to old analytics?

    Hi. Me and My team created our new channel in March of 2016 and we grew pretty fast. But recently our subs have slowly slowed down to a crawl and i need to know if there is a way i can work out where we went wrong. The main things that changed was we started a new editing style and changed...
  3. Olroy

    Just Re-Branded My Channel, Thoughts?

    Hey so just last night I re-branded my Youtube channel with a new icon and new channel art! I've been SUPER excited for this re-brand for the past week seeing as I commissioned this artist to draw my character for me. Anyways I'm just looking for some feedback and stuff, things such as if...
  4. Rolz

    Next Anime List?

    What'sup guys! Itshowwerolz here, I just released my latest Top 5 craziest anime hairstyles video and I'm currently thinking of a potential list to do for my next anime video. Of the following, which would you (anime fans) like to potentially see in a video: Most anticipated anime? Most...
  5. W

    Feedback Please. Challenge video.

    I need some feedback on my challenge video. Is the audio good? Is the video quality good? Most important is the content good? Thank you and have a nice day.
  6. TheSidewaysfish

    Finally hit 200 subs after 5 years!

    As I said in the title, it's been a long time to hit 200 subscribers. I really hope it doesn't take half that long to reach my next milestone. But as always, I want to try and reach as many people as possible with my videos so if anyone has any suggestions (like place to advertise, editing...
  7. Oliver Potter

    Where am I going wrong guys?

    Suddenly I feel like I have hit a wall.. I don't know if there I am doing something wrong or my channel is just not that interesting but something definitely needs to change but what is it! I wonder if you guys have any idea? I hope you can help!
  8. Oliver Potter

    Has anyone struggled to find their niche?

    I have been doing YouTube for a year and so many months (well I took a break from September to May.. BIG MISTAKE). Anyway! I used to love doing your typical Youtuber videos i.e. YouTube Tags, challenge videos and all things like that and then I suddenly got bored and wanted to do something...
  9. Maarij Bashir

    How do you incorporate "trends" in your videos?

    I make music videos for my channel and I just wonder how do I incorporate trends in my videos? I know I could do a cover, but doing covers seems to be so saturated. Like if a big artist releases a song everyone starts doing a cover. Any ideas?
  10. M

    Other If You Want To Collabe On Tutorials,Reply

    Hello, if you like to collab just say so or drop your snapchat or fb or any social messaging platform lets talk better...girls mostly but boys also...girls on beauty tutorials or anything tutorials just hella me.
  11. Joe_brett15


    Ive been researching and practicing many ways to create some awesome looking channel arts and video thumbnails, have a look for more information and tutorials. I was wondering if any of you were looking for ways of making any type of art invloving youtube it could be texts logos ect ect
  12. Joe_brett15

    Tutorials for beginning YOUTUBE

    Tll me what you think and hope that some of my videos come in handy when starting a new channel
  13. East To West Vlogs

    PART 1 - A WINNER IS ALWAYS HUNGRY (Motivational Articles)

    There are 3 key principles in order to be TOTALLY DOMINANT in what you do. So I’m going to update you all with various principles, theories and teachings that you can implement into your daily life, and you will see the changes from the end of Day 1. So here is Number 1. YOU NEED TO TREAT ALL...
  14. Its Ryan

    WHAT DO I DO!!!! (I really need help!!!)

    hey guys there has been something that has been bothering me for a long time and i don't know what to do about it. So i run a channel called its ryan and I play minecraft/roblox games. I make funny moments videos and i freaking love it. But here is the problem. I love youtube. I love it so...
  15. DivideAndConquer

    Gaming Channel in need of Review

    HI all! I run a gaming channel called Divide and Conquer. I mostly play horror, survival, htc vive (virtual reality Games) in my videos I do alot of greenscreen and other effects to make my videos the best they can be but I really am in need of other people's opinions about my channle and it's...
  16. Its Ryan

    Review my channel please!!

    Hey guys can any of you guys just look over my channel? I'm a gaming channel that does funny moments. to me its not that great but id like to you know your opinion on my channel. Here is a video that I did recently.
  17. Its Ryan


    HEY GUYS I just have a quick question. How do u use instagram to promote your youtube channel? It is really confusing and i would love some help!! THANKS!!!
  18. Its Ryan


    Hey guys quick question. i would love it if you guys can tell me how to gain more exposure for my youtube channel. Any strats? Social media? What collabs should i do? Any suggestions help! THANKS!!!
  19. Its Ryan

    School vs Youtube (what do I do?)

    Hey guys school is starting tom for me and I am very nervous. My videos take such a long time to do and I don't know what to do when school is in the way. What should I do?
  20. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I am a gamer on youtube and I play various games from roblox to minecraft to agario, but i am worried that minecraft is dying and isn't really relevant anymore. Is that true? I love playing minecraft. Honestly it brings back memories as a child, but i just wanted to know if minecraft...
  21. Its Ryan


    Hey guys im just starting out on youtube and i just have a quick question. How bad am i? lol If you can rate my channel from like 1-10 that would be great. And also what can I fix about my channel? My channel-
  22. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I recently haven't been getting as much traction as I have before. How do you guys grow? Any strategies that can help me? Thanks any tips will help
  23. KantoGaming


    I can't help but not have the motivation to make youtube videos because I feel like they are terrible quality. I understand the whole do YouTube cause you have fun with it, and I do have fun, I just get embarrassed to put my videos out sometimes because I feel like they are terrible So yeah...
  24. Its Ryan


    Hey guys lately I have been spending a ton of time on youtube. Almost 3-5 hours on every video. I still have school and I don't know how I can handle both school and videos. What should I do? And a question for you guys. How much time do you guys spend on youtube?
  25. Smartie

    What really motivates you?

    At some point and time. We all find it difficult at the start of a new channel. Always working hard to make it up there. Yet it feels like forever and want to give up. What motivate you guys to keep going?
  26. Its Ryan


    Hey guys lately i have been questioning my videos especially cuz i have no time to make them. So I feel like they are a bit sloppy and not like good lol. If you want to check out my channel and give me some tips that would be amazing. THANKS!! Here is my latest video-
  27. Its Ryan


    Hey guys it is really hard for new and even famous youtuber to be original now. But I have some tips that can help you be original or at least kind of original. 1) You don't have to be completely original! If you can think of something that is completely original for example, RiceGum and his...
  28. Its Ryan


    Hey guys are you having the same problem that I have with yt. One of the hardest things that i think that all youtubers have to go through is motivation. There is a bunch of doubt when you go into youtube. What do you guys do to motivate yourself and what should i do to help myself?
  29. Its Ryan


    Who else is super confused with reddit. Cuz it legit looks like a site from 2004. If anyone can tell me how to use this i will be very thankful. I heard that it can drive a lot of traffic so.
  30. KantoGaming


    I've honestly been told time and time again since I started my channel that it sucked. People in my life have told me, said im "boring" and shouldn't be doing lets plays. People on the internet have made sure that since I started to know everything I did wrong from audio, to how I talked, to how...