youtube advice

  1. Infinite

    I'm Thinking About Joining The Freedom Network

    I am thinking about joining the Freedom Network, and they don’t allow copyrighted content. I have one monetized copyrighted video and one revenue sharing copyrighted video. Should I delete them first, then join the network.
  2. Its Ryan


    So so many people on this forum are asking this question. "What do you think I should do?" "What do you guys want to see?" "What videos should I post?" For all those people asking this question do something that YOU want to do. Not what other people want you to do. Yes you can take...
  3. TheMix

    YouTube: Hobby or Job?

    Of course there are soooo many YouTubers out there and I would like to have some opinions on if you do YouTube as a hobby, as a side thing for the enjoyment or would like a career out of it. Personally our channel would LOVE to make this a job as creating comedy skits and other videos are our...
  4. L

    I feel like my video are not good even though I put a lot of time into them

    YouTube channel: LordFahFah You don't have to sub or like the video just tell me ways that I can improve my video :D
  5. thisisshari

    How can I make this better?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to grow my YouTube channel and would love feedback on how to make better content and increase retention. I'm trying to post covers at least once a week and I'm trying to be diverse with the different song choices I have. I like to also write remixes to some songs...
  6. HeadbanginZombie

    Hey Guys! - Looking for some Video advice on how i can grow! Any advice would be amazing, thank you!

    Now i'm a YouTuber who's been around for about 2 years, and i'm really trying to be the best that i can be. It's my dream to one day become a well know face on YouTube and make people laugh and smile each and every day, but at the moment i'm focusing on making my videos, to make them the best...
  7. Wimbus

    Help with youtube site settings!

    I looked at my channel as a new visitor would see it and noticed that at the bottom, my 3 older videos are popping up over my newest ones (and my old ones are bad because I wasn't using a mic). Any idea how I can change this and make the 3 videos that show up to be my most recent videos or 3...
  8. The_Man_XX

    Best quotes from Batman v Superman?

    Hi So i'm doing a video on the best 10 quotes from Batman v Superman and i just wanted to ask to know,which quote to you think was the best?
  9. SkitMantv

    Should I keep my content on one channel or move it to a second channel?

    Hi, On my channel SkitManDoesThings I recently made the change to include gaming content on my channel along with comedy sketches/vlogs which I was doing before. I wanted to ask if this was the right move or should the gaming content be moved to a seperate channel away from the vlogs I was doing...
  10. Sk Jony

    Vacuum Cleaner Youtube Channel user needed?

    Anyone is here who use to vacuum clear for your daily work or admin of vacuum cleaner channel. I have one, so I need this type of users, who need this product video content review or feedback my channel. :)
  11. Its Ryan


    Hey guys!! I have some tips for you guys and I think that it can really help you go to the right path on youtube!! Here are some things that you should never do on youtube!! 1) NEVER SUB FOR SUB!!! 2) Don't spam big youtubers hoping that you can get subs. Don't even spam on any site cuz you get...
  12. Anjim

    Hard work doesn't pay and not perfect

    Both of my channels hasn't been growing lately and it's getting frustrating. Other people grow faster than me and I want to improve my content but I get dislikes and sub4sub comments all the time. I am trying to say I am not trying to be perfect but someone who can put similes on people faces...
  13. KillG

    BEST Idea For A New YouTube Channel!!!!

    Hey guys, I've been wondering if you guys have any ideas for a new youtube channel. I recently changed my channel type from 'gaming' to 'entertainment'. I have deleted ALL the vids that are on my channel and want to start fresh. I fyou guys/girls could tell me what YOU like to see on youtube...
  14. Kamelle Jaye

    How can I make better content?

    Hello! I do vlogs and gaming videos on my channel. I am looking for tips on how to get more audience interaction and audience retention with my videos. I have questions such as: Do I need an intro for my gaming videos? Is my commentary good? Do the thumbnails look good? It seems that once I...
  15. Rachel Berry


    Hi, guys! I've been on YouTube for a month now and I've developed quite a passion for it. But I'm curious to hear from those who have been on the site for a longer period of time- what are your tips and tricks? What difficulties have you encountered? How did you overcome them? What was a big YT...

    Should I be afraid of dislikes?

    Hello, I'm fairly new here and i'm just getting started with my channel and trying to find the niche that i like to play and upload to my channel that gets views, subscribers, and followings on my channel in the process, but when i look at some of my videos, i see some are disliked sometimes. Is...

    How do I promote my videos without spamming?

    Just like most youtube video creators, it is quite difficult figuring out how to promote your youtube channel without spamming a channel link to everyone in existence. I currently make daily vlogs and want more people to see it and gain friends from youtube in the process. To be a part of the...
  18. Davis McLeod

    YouTube Advice Request

    I seem to be having problems with talking about topics during my YouTube videos and tend to rely on my editing skills. Does anyone have any advice during my videos to get my viewers an entertaining and funny video? YouTube: TheGaminController
  19. MistyEmma

    Very Slow Progress On YouTube.

    Hey guys, I've been doing YouTube for about 9 months now, and I have 143 subscribers. However, I'm only getting 30/40 views per video. Other teens in my area have started channels and already have 5k subscribers and loads of views, yet they stated later than me, and it's getting me down. So far...
  20. FernandoMask

    What do you dislike about Youtube?

    What do you guys dislike or hate about Youtube?
  21. FernandoMask

    What do you think of the new terms of service?

  22. FernandoMask

    How important is the description of your video?

    How important do you think the description is or affects on your video?
  23. FernandoMask

    Gaming People that want to play Overwatch (PC)

    Leave your num tag of overwatch in the comments...
  24. FernandoMask

    What is your Youtube goal?

    What is the thing that you most want to do or achieve on youtube?
  25. S.A.D

    I am no good at these fourms

    There I said it.these forums are meant as a social interaction and are a very good idea. The problem is I don't quite see myself as a social person. As a new youtuber, I have been making and uploading videos, but in all honestly I haven't the foggiest notion on the social aspects of youtube and...
  26. sequan123

    Gaming Cod collab

    Hey guys this is prostatus and i want to colab with someone the requiremnets is only to have content that is not recorded by a phone look at my youtube channel on my profile the time this would be held is anytime just email me and we will talk another requirement is must be hd or if not send me...
  27. sequan123


    Hey guys suggestion on music that i need to use on my next video check out my channel and give me some suggestions on music
  28. sequan123

    favorite music?

    what is your favorite music when uploading your gameplay
  29. sequan123

    Is my quality for my videos good enough?

    Hey guys i need opinions on whether or not my quality is good because i want to upload clear quality and not waste people time so check it out by clicking on my profile and remember if you like the content i have just subscribe for more content.
  30. Tevan

    HOW TO GROW YOUR YOUTUBE QUICKLY. My first channel = 15k subs, My second channel = 261subs

    Hey, guys it is Tevan again. I created an account here last night and for those of you who didn't read my introduction message. Here's a little background on my youtube history as of now, my first channel ever which was once named "LyriczLegend4Ever" (now named "Tevan") has about 15k subs as of...