I personally am in the opinion that they aren't the best, they are so ambiguous and open. So people who cry "yeah it's good because it doesn't affect me and I don't like X" are extremely self centered. At the moment if enforced and abused it could be a clusterfrack
Yep, like @RiffRaff said, if it were ever enforced, you're going to see a lot of large YouTubers go down. It will leave a void in YouTube and will cause quite a huge backlash. The ambiguity is what ruins the entire policy. I doubt even YouTube staff know how to directly classify which videos/channels fall under the rule. Personally, I'm not a big fan of some of the more harsh "bullying" channels (looking at you Leafy and Keem), but even less of a fan of the new policy if it means some good Fair Use commentary channels go down as well.
I think that YouTube's heart and lawyers minds are in the right place (there is a ton of horrific behavior floating around YouTube), but they're going to have to tighten up their terms before it's meaningful. I would imagine it's going to take a shut-down of a popular channel for something in the new TOC that will challenge the new rules.

For me, it seems very CYA right now, but it does give some recourse in case someone is claiming cyberbullying.