youtube advice

  1. sequan123

    What should be the next backround music used in my sniping video ?

    hey guys just list me some good backround music for my next sniping video
  2. Steflouise

    Would love some feedback and advice xo

    Hey everyone I'm Stef Louise and I have a YouTube channel based on makeup and beauty. I've done voice over tutorials, chit chat tutorials, reviews on products, given some new trends a try and more. I upload every Monday but lately have been doing it twice a week so if this will help me grow...
  3. Kecha.L


    Some call me the under qualified, I prefer to use the term "relationship guru in training" So I made this video and I would love to get some feedback!


    hi everyone rob here from rcj-gaming can u help me please i'm on 271 subs but views are only about 20 can u take a look at my videos and give me sum feed back please.good or bad ill take um all on broad many thanks rob
  5. Sk Jony

    Google plus Profile Banned, Can chage Youtube channel Name

    Unfortunately, my google plus profile banned for copyright claim. I don't understand what should I do now. That's why I can't change my YouTube channel name. Anyone tell me how to solve this problem?
  6. Munesh Ramnarine

    Need a Cheap Vlog Camera?

    Not too recently my lovely girlfriend purchased me a camera that I could use for vlogging, it was a Canon SX610. This camera is very good for vlogging and it comes at a decent price, it was only $210 at the Best Buy I bought it at. Now I'm not sure its that price in every state or country but...
  7. King Scourge

    School and YouTube

    School is a place to learn and make friends,but when it comes to YouTube it gets in the way. Anybody have any experiences with this problem as a guy my age would understand and if so any advice?Um wow the title autocorrect the word school to shook. :redface::biggrin:My bad!
  8. TopFelya

    Does Youtube protects up loaders videos and takes Copyrights issues seriously ?

    I've reported hundreds of videos( Mig-29 takeoff) which were re uploaded without my permission . Now some of the videos were reinstalled by YouTube and some of them got more then 3 million views and people still making money on them. Ive invested the money and time to produce my videos. And it...
  9. louis walters

    Really struggling with youtube

    youtube just seems to be getting worse for me, i can barely get any views on my videos and ive been stuck on the same amount of subscribers for ages now, i think the only people that view it is friends and family, i do everything by the book, i don't buy things etc, it just feels like sometimes...
  10. ParanoiaOrigins

    Request [Free] LF a good Banner, logo, etc. for my YouTube Channel

    Hey everyone my names Paranoia Origins been youtubing for 1 1/2 months now think its 2 i don't know. But anyway straight to the point is that I have been struggling hard with my channel. I've recorded and made over 130 videos between starting of march 1, 2016 to April 22, 2016. So if anyone...
  11. M-K

    I'd love some constructive criticism, to help me become better at entertaining!

    About 2 months ago I started a YouTube channel, because my little-brother, who's ten years old, wanted me to try it out. He thought it would be the coolest thing ever, and something to brag to his friends about. Hard to say no to that. Turned out to be the greatest thing for me. Since I "suffer"...
  12. DefendersOfThePod

    What is a good growth rate?

    Me and a friend started our channel a little over 2 months ago, we're currently at 113 subs but haven't gone up any in about a week. I was just curious as to how fast the average channel gains subscribers, so we'd have something to measure ourselves with. Thanks!
  13. ShoopkoTube

    How to reach out more crowd?

    Hi guys! I have a bit of a struggle of getting more views and subs. I know I should upload more frequently but I think it's quality over quantity -for me. Now I have 405 subs. I started (actively) with my cahannel Septebmer 2015. If you have any tips and tricks for my channel to grow please...
  14. AndreaStep

    How to devide your time between youtube and others

    Hello!! I really enjoy making my videos and being in contact with all the content creators for YouTube, but recently I have found a bit difficult to divide my time between editing and be an active member with the YouTube community, as well than other platforms (Facebook/instagram) and studying...
  15. DivideAndConquer

    Can you give me some feedback on my channel?

    Hey my name is Trevor and i have a YouTube channel called Divide And Conquer. its a gaming channel that is about building a community for the grater good and helping others. in the future we plan on doing tons of charity live streams, giveaways and a bunch of other stuff. the thing is lately my...
  16. kevsup

    Promoting w/o social media?

    I don't know if I want those close to me (or vague acquaintances as with Facebook) to see all my videos. I was wondering if anyone has had success without promoting to social media, and if so what did you do/ where did you promote? Edit: I don't mind some of my friends to see my content, but...
  17. S

    Channel Advice/tips?

    Hey I have been doing YouTube for over a year now, and have breached the 100 subscriber mark a few months ago, however i seem to be getting a very low engagement rate in the analytics and was wondering if anyone could give me advice to make my channel better and improve my content? Sam
  18. xandru8

    Video Themes

    This question is very important to me because no one really has a concrete answer. The question is: Before making a video or a script or a sketch, where do you look for inspiration, or ideeas better sed, what do you do to get ideeas relevant to what´s "trending" recently ? I mean if its just a...
  19. LukeN94


    Hey guys you probably see this a lot but I thought I would see how this goes. For about 3 years now all I've wanted to do is YouTube gaming and I've finally started I've uploaded about 4/5 videos yet I'm not getting any views what do I need to do to promote My YouTube is Gaming Luke
  20. Sk Jony

    View Increased Suggestion Needed

    I lost my channel views day by day. In the previous week I got 3000+ view per week, but now a days my channel view decrease under 300. What should I do now? :help:
  21. skepticalvoid

    Why am i not growing?

    hi, I've been on YouTube for a least 3 years now. this year is the year i am putting more work into my channel than ever. i am not growing at all. i watched hours of tips and tricks and they are all the same. i have a good mic, good graphics, good thumbnails, and good quality content.if anyone...
  22. Old Tin Man

    Video Title Help

    Hey guys, I have been on the YouTube train for almost 6 months now and I have been doing well, although recently I haven't been gaining as many views as I normally am. I have two very popular videos that get searched every day, My first Fallout 4 & Until Dawn videos. All of my other videos are...
  23. Julius Gacgacao

    Quality over quantity?

    I have been consistent with uploads every week ever since my, Blind folding guessing challenge. People always say consistency is key to growing on YouTube, and I believe that. By posting every week for about 5 weeks I have noticed my subscriber rate going up slowly, but its going up. Now I'm...
  24. skepticalvoid

    why am i not growning??

    hi, I've been on YouTube for a least 3 years now. this year is the year i am putting more work into my channel than ever. i am not growing at all. i watched hours of tips and tricks and they are all the same. i have a goof mic, good graphics, good thumbnails, and good quality content.if anyone...
  25. LifeWithKristen

    TPN Network - Has Anyone Heard Of This Network?

    Hey Everyone! I just got a message through Youtube sent to me about whether I would like to join a network (TPN Network). They gave me all the pro's & con's which was nice however I'm just unsure & would like some of your guys's opinion! The thing is I may be taking a mini break from Youtube...
  26. Exotik

    Feedback would be really appreciated!

    Hi! I run a small channel called Exotik, and I do Tech and Youtube Advice videos. This video in my opinion is one of the most finished and helpful videos ive made, and want some feedback on how to improve. Any feedback would be appreciated!# Video:
  27. skepticalvoid

    What am i doing wrong?

    hey! I've been on YouTube for 3 years now and i only have 153 subs. im trying to work my a** off this year. i am trying everything i can to grow my channel. plz send me any feed back whether its good or bad it doesn't matter. have a amazing day :)
  28. skepticalvoid

    I need gaming video ideas!!!

    So i post gaming tutorials and pc build videos. my subs like my gaming tutorials most. i want to post counter strike videos but idk what to do. i want to buy an elgato for my xbox one so i can make zombie videos. i think thats what seems to be trending in the cod community. i have a good PC so i...
  29. Exotik

    Want some feedback on my latest review video!

    So my channel has been up for about three weeks, and its been going really well so far (114 subs). Anyway, i was wanting some feedback on my latest headphone review. I spent a long time making it and want some ways to improve! Video:
  30. Aegislasher

    Help I only get views from Google+

    Whenever I post videos on Youtube I never get any views until I promote on Google+ is that a problem?