youtube advice

  1. CourtneyLavonne

    First week of YouTube and advice?

    This is my first week on YouTube I got 3 videos up right now they all have decent video quality. I'm still learning the ropes. I took my time in creating my banner and I just learned out to do thumbnails. I would like to do how to videos. For example "How to stay positive." Any advice on...
  2. InTheJungle

    What do you guys think? :)

    Hey guys! I love having feedback from people on anyway that I can improve my channel and the content that I upload to it. If any of you could take the time to check out my channel and offer me some feedback I would be entirely grateful. Thanks guys, I appreciate you reading this! :)
  3. EvoShieldGaming

    On The Right Track For A Good Channel?

    Hey guys/girls So I have been doing YouTube now for about a year (I have made and started lots of channels), but I can't find a way to grow faster or look good for anyone who comes across my videos. I would like some help on the following things. - Channel Banner (Good or Bad?) - Video...
  4. MattFPS

    Trying to be big, Any Advice? (New YouTuber)

    I've Started my channel recently and I want to gain subs that like the videos I make, I don't want to make a huge investment in equipment right away so I am making the highest quality videos I can with what I have, I need a unique banner and profile picture and I am working on it, I know it...
  5. HeadbanginZombie

    Views, Engagement and Subscribers

    Hey guys, i am fairly new to the whole YouTube and YTtalk thing, so please forgive me if this is the wrong thread, but it says anything for help, and i really need some! I see other channels doing really well and people in a similar position as me where we don't get the chance to get the views...
  6. Ans Marie

    Request Channel Trailer and Video Intro Needed

    At the moment I do not have a channel trailer or intro for my videos. I would love to have so help creating ideas and animations for these projects. If you want to check out what types of videos I make here is my channel To contact me my twitter, and instagram are...
  7. Pierre Maynard

    Should i improve my channel?

    So hey everyone, :) I would just like to know if you all think, I should improve on my channel a little bit more. My channel has grown so much over the past year I've had ups and downs about it, but it has improved so much more now. I used to just play guitar and then upload it on YouTube, Now...
  8. Shaay

    Lets Talk About Youtube Partnership

    Im new so ive been looking around for some any good ones please comment below (must be for beauty,fashion,lifestyle) Been wanting to partner with some hair company with my Instagram+YouTube but i cant find a good one any tips for a newbie on this ? what to look out for and scams and Stylehaul...
  9. Terminator BDs

    I need Help with my channel

    Hello My name is Ahmed AKA Terminator I just wanted someone to checkout my channel and tell me what should I do to get more views and subs and tell me the best successful tips to help me grow My channel name:TerminatorBDs Channel
  10. IPPimp

    YouTube Advertisement Help

    I was wondering if the service where you can pay for YouTube to advertise you is worth it, and if anybody has had experience with the paying for advertisement on YouTube service. Also, what do you think is the best way to make a YouTube ad?
  11. essencecartoon

    The YouTube History Not Working

    So since YouTube Red rolled out their subscription service my YouTube history is not working. I have tried Google, IE and Firefox as well. No luck. I even tried to test this on my iPhone YouTube app. No luck. Empty Watch history. Looks like people have been reporting this issues for a year...
  12. FanoBelmont partnership?

    Hello guys. I just want to bring this up with the community. I am a new youtuber focusing on gaming videos and I know one of the big questions out there is partnering or not partnering. I was recently contacted by someone representing offering a partnership, and I was wondering if...
  13. Y0lo

    Questions about eye-catching titles..

    Hello everyone, Just wondering: I read on a book by some decent YouTube consultant that in order to get views and consequently subscribers, I need to craft very interesting, eye-catching titles. What I don't understand is, I don't think that people are going to type exactly the title that...
  14. Crogamer11

    Where to promote my videos on Facebook?

    Hello, can you write here best ways to promote your Youtube videos on Facebook.Which are best groups, pages etc. for promotion and how to get more likes on your Facebook page
  15. WilBajamas

    Are Montages considered as Let's Play???

    Hey there guys, I just wanted to ask if Montages are considered as a Let's Play video??? I seriously have no idea, I hope that you guys can help me to get this problem out of my head, thanks a lot and Happy Halloween Peeps!!~~
  16. Aïcha


    Hey guys, I am youtuber, you can say somewhat new and I want to know if you guys can check me out and give me feedback on what to improve and things like that? YouTube channel : justee_une_fillee