Hey guys,
i am fairly new to the whole YouTube and YTtalk thing, so please forgive me if this is the wrong thread, but it says anything for help, and i really need some! I see other channels doing really well and people in a similar position as me where we don't get the chance to get the views, recently i spent a lot of money upgrading my PC, getting a decent Mic and boom, getting gaming equipment to play with and most of all, brilliant editing software, now i love to make videos and it's my dream to become a YouTuber and do this thing for a living, getting a cool community to chat and play with, i really think it's amazing, but i need your help!

Now i've been on YouTube for around a year now, i post a mixture of gaming playthroughs, fails/funny montages and a few Vlogs now and again, but i've always had the same problem, and that's exposure, no matter what i seem to do with tags, sharing and maximizing quality, the views are not coming, and i truly have a good feeling about my channel and love every moment of what i do!

So any tips for a small channel? Thankyou so much for the read and your time, hope you all had a brill year, and Christmas, have a good day all :)


My YouTube channel if it's needed for review is HeadbanginZombie-(i don't think i am allowed to link it)