love you

  1. HeadbanginZombie

    Views, Engagement and Subscribers

    Hey guys, i am fairly new to the whole YouTube and YTtalk thing, so please forgive me if this is the wrong thread, but it says anything for help, and i really need some! I see other channels doing really well and people in a similar position as me where we don't get the chance to get the views...
  2. Jon Brooks

    Views on my video have just exploded! :-)

    Hi guys, I'm super excited to say that the views on one of my videos has just exploded!!! It's a video on my second channel where I upload more random things. Yaaaaay!!! I Love You... Video Message for your loved ones.
  3. Jon Brooks

    I Love You...

    Send this "I Love You" Youtube video love message to your partner, boyfriend or girlfriend to show them how much you love and care for them. Understand the necessity of showing your love to someone. Some people assume that if they love another person, the other person is simply going to know...