How can I make better content?

Hello! I do vlogs and gaming videos on my channel. I am looking for tips on how to get more audience interaction and audience retention with my videos.

I have questions such as: Do I need an intro for my gaming videos?
Is my commentary good?
Do the thumbnails look good?

It seems that once I hit 100 subscribers growth has slowed.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my channel and help me make better content.
Do I need an intro for my gaming videos?
Yes. What is "hey hey hey" or "hi hi hi hi"? If someone were to find one of your videos for the first time they need a quick intro. Name or alias, and what game you are currently playing.

Is my commentary good?
It's ok I guess. For the most part you're continuously talking, but I'm not engaged at all. It might just be the game you're playing "Brothers".

Do the thumbnails look good?
No, they need branding.

Also, the titles need serious work. It's going to be very hard for people to find your videos with titles like that.
As for an intro, you can have one, BUT PLEASE DON'T MAKE IT THE TEXT OF YOUR NAME THAT IS JUST SIMPLY ANIMATED MY GOD DO I HATE THOSE FOR GAMING CHANNELS. Didn't mean to yell but... everyone uses the same intro and it's terrible and so repetitive. I think something that would up your quality is a webcam honestly, or a face cam, whatever they call it! Have you tried posting on social media? It helps me tons! I'm a vlogger as well, except I do comedy! Maybe one day we could collab sorta? Plus... DO COLLABS! They're great to help you grow! The thumbnails look a little bland, maybe add little pictures on them. The more layers the better. Maybe add the filter, too.