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Finally hit 200 subs after 5 years!


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As I said in the title, it's been a long time to hit 200 subscribers. I really hope it doesn't take half that long to reach my next milestone. But as always, I want to try and reach as many people as possible with my videos so if anyone has any suggestions (like place to advertise, editing style, games to play, length of videos etc.) do let me know!

I'm am trying out a new editing style which, at the moment isn't yet implemented, of basically doing more solo stuff so that I can better highlight my personality and shorten videos down and make them more snappy. I hope that will help a bit.
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Congratulations! Hope your experiment with the new editing style works out the way you hope it will. I find constant trials of new ideas and techniques is helpful to me, for sure.
Hey, congrats! I've learnt a lot of stuff in this forum just check on the main page and you'll be able to find any info you need.