1. LandyVlad

    Who actionsthe spam reports?

    Hi, Just a quick friendly question. Who actions the spam reports? Admin? Mods? Owner? Spam seems to be increasing rather than decreasing, and reports often seem slow to be acted on. Aside from the massive amounts of reporting - is there anything else we can do as members to assist?
  2. JayZippo

    SPAM in Comments on Youtube Vids

    So I have had an influx of SPAM in my comment section of Youtube. I am wondering if anyone else has as well?
  3. Kyle2000

    Having a major issue with one person.

    So I am new to this forum. I have about 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, and about 292,000 views total. I have a nice channel, I do tech videos, tech reviews, and other videos. Recently I've been having this issue with this guy named "John Smith". Yes, I am aware that it is a fake name this guy is...
  4. W

    My account was terminated without warning

    So, I tried logging into my youtube earlier and I couldn't find my channel. I checked my email and i got an email saying "your channel has been suspended for Spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content" no idea why.. I've never received a strike on that channel and now my channel has been...
  5. GTCastle

    My Comments Show Up Only For Me

    Hello i am new to this forum and to youtube as a channel owner ,i have a big problem and i couldn't find a solution ,i tried along time ago to promote my videos with youtube comments on other viral videos with videos links my channel link etc ... not knowing that this will cause to get my...
  6. B

    Is sending links to your videos to related blogs really appropriate?

    I read in a blog post about promotion that when promoting your small YouTube channel "you should offer links to blogs which might want to show off your content". Is that a common practice today when promoting a YouTube channel? I have a feeling the reaction of the majority of blogs would be...
  7. Starfire

    Comment Spam

    I've noticed that for some recent videos I upload, almost immediately someone throws in a comment about 'click here for free music' or other stuff. 1st Question - Is there some place or page people see new videos just uploaded? Or subscribed to me to just throw spam? If so, can I kick them...
  8. BigBryanGames

    Why are all new comments on my videos labeled as spam?

    I don't understand why this keeps happening. Every single time I get a new comment on my videos, it's reported as spam and I have to manually accept it. I've gone to settings, creator studio, everywhere I can possibly think of or what I can change and still all comments are reported as spam. Has...
  9. A

    Machinima spam channels

    Hi, There are spam channels in this partner. How can we complain.I need help.
  10. Bgirl Sonia

    Spam comments and Sub4Sub

    Hello everybody ! I have a random question (as usual lol) I own two channels as I already said before. One in my native language (French) and one in English. I noticed that when I post my French video, I have likes and comments every now and then but when it comes to my English one (even...
  11. ProjectJamesify

    "No comments to display" with 100+ spam comments

    Hi guys, I love reading and answering comments. My viewers get super hyped with this interaction. However, many comments end up in the spam folder for no reason. That's not the point though. The problem is that I cannot view all those spam comments. I currently have about 100 of them sitting...
  12. S

    Permanently Marked as a Spammer?

    So I started a channel a month ago and spent a lot of time making videos, they were getting no exposure at all, until a few days ago i realized commenting on peoples videos gets a lot more exposure. I didn't comment anything like "check out my channel", all I did was comment "Great video, you...
  13. Livelifeinabox

    Will I ever be happy?

    We just realised something that is a little worrying. When our videos don't get views we can feel quite sad. But when our videos do get views we tend to think it's due to spam! Does anybody else feel like this?
  14. Scandinavian Freckles


    Hi everyone !! The other day I asked you if you would be interested in seeing a video where I would "expose" and read some spam comments. I honestly hate spam and I have so many all the time its insane so here I gathered a few of my own, and some of my friends' spam comments that we get on our...
  15. Scandinavian Freckles


    Hi everyone !! How are you all doing? I hope the start of your year has been awesome so far. Today I wanted to ask you what you think about something that I really really feel like doing. Ever since I started youtube I have been getting spam, but over the last two months it has been A LOT of...
  16. Daelene's FantasyPlayland

    Making comments is a spam?

    hi, i just want to know if you comment a lot to your friends channels will it make you a spammer? The comments are not copy pasted it is always different from other comments i make.
  17. PumpkinJunk

    Can't Find Comments that YouTube's Email says I Have

    Hey everyone, I have YouTube set up to send me an email every time someone comments on one of my videos. These emails show part of the comment and who sent it. Many of you probably do the same. Sometimes I get such an email and I go looking for the comment on YouTube. I can't find it. It's not...
  18. blondestaaa

    Why can I not see my YouTube comments?

    So I've had YouTube for about a month now and at the start I could see the comments. But recently I would receive an email saying that I received a comment and get a notification on YouTube about it to. But when I clicked it I was not able to see it. After a while I realised that YouTube...
  19. DarkNinjaYT

    The Problem With A Shoutout Series

    Hello, recently I've notice this trend appearing more often, and I have a serious problem with it and I wanted to discuss it to see if anyone sees it differently. It's the shoutout series that I see a bunch of small channels doing it and it gives me the feeling they don't care about helping...
  20. U

    Is it okay to have 25 links in description

    Hello, I've noticed a lot of big YouTubers have a whole bunch of links in their video descriptions. And they repeat the same keyword over and over in each link title. Or sometimes they have phrases as link titles that are actually tags but they disguise them as link titles. Does anyone know if...
  21. KiddieToysReview

    How would you deal with comments like this?

    I have seen comments of this nature on some other kids toys channels, usually not 4 in a row on the same video. Obviously those other particular channels didn't filter anything, but I don't think that's wise. I'm assuming it's a kid replying, probably like 10 by the sound of the voice (checked...
  22. A

    Can't restore reactions marked as spam

    In some youtube reactions some comments in it get marked as spam. You can restore these comments by marking them as non-spam. That worked for me for a time, but now it says, when I click on the 'spam moderation icon' to restore the comment, that there has an 'error ocurred' and I should try it...
  23. Adamsy

    Help with spam filter

    hey everyone i have an issue with youtube where most of my comments are marked as spam by youtube even if they aren't. Is there a way to get past this or is it just the youtube algorythm being silly?
  24. VikkiinFlaw

    Help: Likely Spam?

    Hi All, Do any of you guys know how the "likely spam" tab in the comments section is generated? I had a few comments in there and I don't think any of them were spam, being that i checked out the channels and they all seem like cool people just trying to grow their channel. I ask because I...
  25. MegaCrasher

    I've got someone who is dislike spamming/botting my channel and videos :[

    Hello. I come to you, the YTTalk community for help. I have this individual who has been harassing and spamming my channel with dislikes and comments, to the point where blocking him isn't even enough. He has multiple accounts where he views my uploads and dislikes it then switches accounts and...
  26. Starfire

    Is This Spamming?

    Hi, I have a question for those who are well versed in this kind of thing. It might be easiest to just have you look at it. If you go to Youtube, and do a search for "Maizuru Park", you will immediately get results with reams and reams of short junk videos from some guy who is trying to sell his...
  27. FamilyToyReview

    Question about Comment Spam

    I've got a question. You know how there's like a limit to commenting. If you comment too much your comments could start to appear in the "likely spam" folder of whoever you're commenting and your comment is no longer visible on the video to anyone else. There's a limit, like don't comment more...
  28. GooberVlogs

    Always Have to Approve Comments

    wazzzup everyone =) So every know and again I will get a few comments and some will say I have to review them and others will show up automaticaly.... how come some comments I have to approve first... I know youtube has a thing where it kinda knows it's spam.. but I have had some subscribers...
  29. GooberVlogs

    How Many MLM Programs or Networks Email you?

    wazzzzup everyone =) Last night I got a email from a company saying I can get more views and bla bla bla... Magiclinks is the name that emailed me.. Have you guys heard of them...the name itself sounds like spam magiclinks lolz How many time has a network or mlm i think they are called...
  30. AuthorFilms Studios

    Do you get spam comments on your videos? [POLL]

    Luckily I havent got any yet, but have you?