help / advice

  1. RollinDooobiez

    so difficult to get views! what am i doing wrong?!

    title says it all im struggling to get any viewers or subs. what am i missing?! my name is youtube channel btw...
  2. Anjim

    Both of my channels losing subs in a minute

    As you all know that I run two channel anjim plays ( upload ever Wednesday) and anjim 2.0 (upload ever Mondays). When I upload a 2-5 videos someone unsub because I did sub4sub ( I don't know about it until later on). I know people say : I don't worry about subs but you will need them to grow...
  3. S.A.D

    Should I spend 6+ hours editing

    Ok ok I just gotta ask. A Youtuber just told me I should be spending this long editing a single video. I think thats a bit excessive. Now if ur doing some crazy things or God like animation, ok sure. But for everyone else is it necessary. For me if I'm happy with the video, that's it. Just...
  4. Christoball

    What should i use?

    Hey guys its christo here I would like to ask u guys what u use and what i should use. Well i have used movie maker for a while and its great. Its just that it doesnt have features that i want. So what do u guys use for editing? Thx for all answers
  5. LeatherArmchairSociety

    Need tips on how to grow a brand new channel!

    Hey everyone! We are The Leather Armchair Society and we just started a new channel about a week ago. We have nearly 30 subscribers that are 100% made up of friends and family, we are now ready to break through that and start building an audience outside of that. What are some things that you...
  6. Matt2503

    Trying to help my girlfriend

    Hi all I am in need of some help. my girlfriend has just won a long battle with ovarian cancer (she is 25) and has decided to create a vlog channel on youtube to document her recovery and future life, to share with people as she knows only to well how isolating cancer can be. she was very...
  7. Danielfirth

    I need some advice...

    Hey guys, I am currently a new YouTuber trying to make it just like anyone else but I find it so hard to get my name out there... Marketing and promoting my channel is the hardest thing for me because it's something I am not familiar with so i need to turn to forums for help! I know that...
  8. TheMix

    What's the right choice?

    Our channel would like a good partnership but we are kinda small. Any ideas on a good partnership a small YouTube channel like us could get?
  9. TheMix

    What should I upload?

    Find a Nitch(something super popular that lots of people want to see) such as gaming, magic, stuff like that. And before you upload think: if I was scrolling through YouTube would I wanna watch this video? If not then have second thoughts about uploading. Best of luck to anyone out there and...
  10. Sam Wolfie

    Help on my Minecraft series

    Hey I just am looking for some advice on which type of minecraft videos you guys like watching the most.
  11. The_Man_XX

    Best quotes from Batman v Superman?

    Hi So i'm doing a video on the best 10 quotes from Batman v Superman and i just wanted to ask to know,which quote to you think was the best?
  12. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I have had a question that has been burning inside of me. And I would like some help from you guys. I have always wanted to become a youtuber. I love the website and I freaking love making people laugh. But I don't know if it is worth all the hard work. I have worked my butt off to...
  13. Its Ryan


    Hey guys I have some thing to tell you guys and you should NEVER do these things. Many fellow youtubers and viewers get really mad at this stuff. 1) NEVER self promote on other people's channels. Its just common sense. Its annoying 2) DON'T SO SHOUTOUT SUNDAYS!!! Oh my god I see so many thirsty...
  14. ChaoticNarcotic

    I Need Your Help And Feedback

    I don't as of yet have a "big" following on youtube and asking for my viewer's feedback has proven a challenge so I come to you The youtube Talk Forum for I am in desperate need of some feedback. I have no intended goal in what I upload I just want to make great funny content for the viewer's...
  15. StyleChyle

    What am I doing wrong?

    I feel completely at lost with my youtube channel. I don't know exactly what I am doing wrong. I use all the tips on tagging, titling, thumbnail, and editing. It seems as though it is not working. My name on YT is StyleChyle! Please give me a complete review on my channel. I would greatly...
  16. Hyper Gaming

    Thinking of changing my channel name

    Hello I am thinking of changing my channel name to make the channel standout better on YouTube, the reason why I am thinking of changing my channel name is that there is tons of other Hyper Gaming channels (1030 to be exact) if you search HyperGaming and over 7000 if you search Hyper Gaming...
  17. GoodGoneBadPictures

    How to Grow Your Channel

    I might only be a small YouTuber still, but lately my channel has been growing a lot and I thought I'd give some hope and tips to other small YouTubers like myself. 1. Upload with Frequency- This one is huge. I know people always talk about this, but it really does play a huge role. I only had...
  18. Alakeram

    Recording software: How to record 2 seperate instances?

    NOTE: I have attempted to search this forum for something similar but could not find one, if you know of one that answers this question please let me know! Hey guys! I currently use OBS Studio, i love it because I can have my audio clips separated so I can mess with the different volumes (game...
  19. KennaDesigns

    help! banner quality keeps dropping when uploaded!! :(

    So, I uploaded my YouTube banner for my channel redesign, and it keeps dropping in quality for some reason after I upload it. Here's the website, looking real bad quality. :( Here's the real image, looking real better quality :) Notes: I have saved it as a .jpeg, and a .png, and neither...
  20. DTay Chaos

    Channel Growth and Gaining Subs and views!

    Hey guys lately ive been trying to grow my channel using tips videos somewhat advertising and what not my channel in my opinion has - good content/quality - good commentary - pretty decent thumbnails - most call to action in some vids ive tried sharing my videos not as much to reddit cause...

    I've tried everything and am still not seeing sufficient growth.

    Hello there! My name is Dean and i am one half of GigabyteMusic. Our channel consists of Music, Vlogs and challenges with each video relating back to our niche (Music). We have been releasing a video Daily with the exception of a single day here and there. We have researched an abundance of...
  22. JayyDaGawd

    Any Feedback Please!

    Hello everyone! My name is Jason or JayyDaGawd on youtube and i own a gaming youtube channel. On my channel, i post Call of Duty Blackops 3 gameplay/commentary videos and most of the commentary in my videos are stories about my personal life. If you guys could check out my channel and review...
  23. J

    Help growing my YouTube channel

    Hi, I have been on YouTube for about a year and a half. I do vlogs most of the time but have been doing some gaming on the side. Side note. is it bad to do more than one thing on your channel when you are still a very small channel. I think I should also include that I am half blind or visually...
  24. Assim Dallali

    I would like some advice.

    Hey guys, my name is Assim and I need your help. I would like to grow my channel and currently I am sitting at 248 subs and haven't moved. Can you guys give me advice to help me grow my channel by leaving a comment. Thank you for your help.
  25. S.A.D

    Is our channel doing good?

    Ok here is the run down. I am running a youtube channel that deals in mainly gaming and movie reviews, gaming videos, trailer reaction videos, podcast and the occasional unboxing. Now that said. me and my two friends who also run the channel have started this endevour in march and since then...
  26. S.A.D

    I am no good at these fourms

    There I said it.these forums are meant as a social interaction and are a very good idea. The problem is I don't quite see myself as a social person. As a new youtuber, I have been making and uploading videos, but in all honestly I haven't the foggiest notion on the social aspects of youtube and...
  27. Kass

    How do I get my first 10 subscribers?

    Hey guys, I find it really hard to have people look at my videos, on my new channel I only have one video so far which has no views. I also had this problem on my old channel which had a fair few videos. I use a lot of tags, try to have good thumbnails and only put out videos which i'm happy...
  28. VikkiinFlaw

    Adobe Premiere Pro Vs Final Cut Pro

    Hey Guys! I'm conflicted, I've been using I Movie forever and I'm just bored with it. I want to be able to do more editing wise and I hear both Adobe and final Cut are way better than I Movie, but in your opinions which is better? Thanks!!
  29. Tmesis

    how long does it usuly take to get 1000 sub?!

    hello I started my channel about 2 weeks ago and I got in the first week 35 sub. I have posted only 2 videos, now I posted 4 more videos and I'm stuck on the same amount
  30. MiAndMore

    Which YouTube Network should I join? Advice please!

    Hello everyone! I've been contacted by some YouTube Networks but I don't know if it's worth it to join one of them.. If you think it is worth it, which netowrk would you recommend to me? I do gaming, real life and specials... Please help me, every comment is appreciated!! Cheers, MiAndMore...