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  1. Zicon

    Adobe Premiere Big Problem I need to fix for my YouTube Channel

    So I had Camtasia a year ago and I went bigger so I got Sony Vegas Pro 13 then it would be really laggy for me so I switched to Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 but when I import my intro it only shows the audio not the video please help if you know how to fix it.
  2. Hashtag10

    Probably a dumb question.

    Hey guys. i'm relatively new on youtube and i wanna ask you how do i set my subscribers number to private so no one can see how few subs i have? :))) for the moment.... Thanks. :D
  3. S.A.D

    Channel is Stuck. Need help.

    right so here is the low down. My youtube channel, over the past 8 months has only gained 77 subs, which is better than nothing. right now however. i do not seem to be drawing in any new viewers/subscribers and i only seem to get less then 10 views per video i make. any ideas.? P.S. i have been...
  4. Rallex

    Need Feedback On My Channel! :D

    Hi! I've been stuck with around 500 Subscribers for a solid three to four months with only around 20-50 views on a video and I'd like to hear some feedback on what I should do on the channel for more views and if my Thumbnails are good, what I could do better at and such :) Would love to see...
  5. M

    Channel "intro" video or no?

    Hey everyone :) When I first started my channel (about 2 months ago), I made a 'welcome to my channel' video for new visitors to see. It was a quick 2 minute video in which I introduced myself and talked a bit about the type of videos I'd be uploading. I've gotten better equipment since that...
  6. JRuncie

    Moving away from Phones

    Laura and I started Vlogging regularly almost 3 weeks ago. At the time our thought was to use what we had. In this case, two I Phones. Fast forward to today, and we've quickly realized the phones just are not going to cut it. I've gone through multiple websites and channels. There does not seem...
  7. FluffyPanda

    Not growing my channel fast enough?

    This is a genuine question. I own a music promoting YouTube channel and I am pretty active on it. If you look at my video list you can see how often I upload. I've been doing this for quite awhile and I am gaining 0-1 subs a day. I have no intention on giving up but maintaining this channel...
  8. Kyle Hedlund

    Using My a Bussiness

    So as your probably heard (or not), I am voice actor that wants to turn my passion for voice over into a living profession. I have this idea of providing a service to YouTube, Advertising Companies and many clients that want my services as a freelance voice actor. I already have a separate...
  9. PlanetPanda

    I Need Help

    I have been doing YouTube for almost a year now and I really want to stick at it, but I keep on getting dislikes and dislike botted which really demotivates me in real life too. I'm pretty young so I'm afraid this may be effecting my mental state too. I don't know what to do. Please leave your...
  10. Cameron Arnold

    Where Can I Get Background Music

    Ive been looking for some background music for my videos anyone know where i can get them
  11. Stike96

    I'm super stuck and don't know what to do

    Hi all, so I've got a tech channel that I have been running for over 3 years now and I honestly feel like the channel is pretty much dead. I have almost 2,300 subscribers but pretty much none of them watch my recent videos so I pretty much still feel like I'm sub 100 or something because none of...
  12. S.A.D

    Need feeback...on anything really

    as the title says. We need feedback fro our channel and just how we can improve. we tend to get rather healthy views, but few subs. started in feburay and so far only at 76. don't no weather that growth is normal or not, hopefully you can help us out.
  13. chillion

    Should I tell people I know about my channel?

    So, I'm kinda tossing up between keeping my channel a secret, or spreading it all over social media for my friends and acquaintances to see. There are pros and cons to this. Pros of sharing is that my channel with get noticed, shared and my views and subscribers will go up, and you never know...
  14. TheMatrixWarrior

    Does a rant with the video shown count as fair use?

    I recently been thinking i want to make rants so: Does a rant with the video shown count as fair use? Or if not why?
  15. BubbleJunk

    What helps build your channel?

    Guys, I was wondering how did you promote your channel and videos? How can I help my channel grow? Did the tags do you justice? Or does posting your content on social media help? Did your channel just blow up or did your subscribers grow over time? Sorry for all the questions! Just needing some...
  16. Group04

    why it is too hard to grow subcribers

    HI, I'm from Group 04, a music channel on youtube. Why it is too hard to grow subcribers ? We are trying to do everything we got to make more audience for our channel, we work hard to make more video, more music[ Premiere]. If you have any tips, please share it, that will help us. And Can you...
  17. Nutella

    If a YouTuber has over 4000 Subs and got over 6k views on a vid but only has 3 likes is he botting?

    I have seen this with a couple of "YouTubers", They'll have lets say 4k subs but when i go to their videos they'll have some with really high views like 6k but have literally no likes lol maybe like 1 and then on their other videos they'll have lets say 10 views with 1 like.Their video views...
  18. RelativeYTrends

    Is this the right way?

    I'm trying experimenting new type of videos like this.. i know i have to add voice in some part to improve the video.. other improvement i can do? (especially with editing or other things)
  19. Eric Bieller

    We made a 1000 subscriber celebration video! Is it funny?

    We just hit 1000 subs! To celebrate, we put together a short celebration video. I'd love to know what you think about it. Is it funny? Would it intrigue you to learn more about us and click through to our channel? We're also considering making the our channel trailer, but we're not sure if it...
  20. DivideAndConquer

    New video!! ARK Survival Evolved! what'd you think?

    This is my newest video of ark! i would love to hear what you thought of the video and if you have any ideas for the base tell me in the comments! by the way i have over 200 subscribers and growing why dont you join our community and subscribe? My new Base!! | ARK Survival Evolved | Part 2
  21. getrektson

    Where to store recorded videos? Help!

    So, my channel mostly does gaming/humor moments and I record all my gameplay on my hard-drive. I'm about to reach the point where I am running out of space on my storage hard drives. What do you guys usually do with your recorded material and how do you guys archive them? P.S. not sure if this...
  22. O

    Should I start promoting my channel?

    Hi Guys I was just curious to know whats your thoughts about doing paid promotion though google adwords, Facebook or twitter ads is that normal to do in the beginning when you are a new channel or is the answer more about to keep making good content and have patient to attract more users from...
  23. Sk Jony

    How to set Backlinking Daily Schedule

    I want to be successful YouTuber. So, I need a daily routine for the youtube channel. Here are some topic and SEO technique mention. Which method and technique follow a day and how many times doing this job a day.... 1. Article writing 2. Article Submission/ Web 2.0 (How many directories a day)...
  24. Racurz

    Can Someone Help/Give Me Advice?

    Hey guys so i've been super active on my youtube channel for the past 3 months and have just had no luck on gaining subscribers or anything like that can someone take a look at my channel and tell me what i am doing wrong or can they give me some advice on how i can improve thanks.
  25. k3rbs

    Channel Review : What can I do better to get more subs

    Hey what's up guys. So i'm a pretty small youtuber with only 7 subs and I haven't grown any in 2 weeks. Is there anything I can do better with my channel, videos and other things to get back rolling again? Thanks, let me know what you think of my channel down below!
  26. Satire Bunny

    [HELP] Made First Video -Feedback Please-

    Hello YTTalk, Ive always liked the idea of making satire content so i'd thought i give it a ago... If you can help me improve in any way that would be great. I will slowly get the hang on the concept :p Any constructive feedback i will take as this is my first video and know you cant be...
  27. ZeroDasFreak

    Losing hope in your channel

    I don't mean to make this seem like a depressing subject for the forum, but does it ever feel to you that you just lose hope in your channel? Not the drive and motivation to do youtube videos but just feel like giving up? I will admit there have been times in the past two years that I wanted to...
  28. New Thug Life Production

    Monetize help

    I just create a second youtube channel and on monetize in absence I sign up with the same email. So two youtube channels with the same email connecting in absence in one email. My question is do getting money from both channels now or ....... I dodnt know because in the adsence i can not found...
  29. Xanderin

    Hey I'm New To Youtube =)

    hey i'm new to this forums and to youtube as well but i would like to start off by saying my name is Xanderin and i started making video's about 2 weeks ago i've been having so much fun making video's and im starting on a new intro i'm just looking for advice on how to improve my channel and...
  30. Quincey

    Need some help with my Profile Picture

    Hello everyone, I'm pretty new here and one of the reasons I joined is because I needed some help with my Profile Picture. So I hope someone can help me with that. It's actually really easy to help. The Profile Picture has been made, I'm just not so sure about it. Can you give me some feedback...