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  1. Lachlan Hughes

    How to Create Effective Channel Trailer?

    Hi Everyone, this is my first post on this forum so please bare with me. I have recently launched my Youtube channel and am yet to create my Channel Trailer. Obviously, I want this to attract potential subscribers and keep them on my channel to watch and enjoy my videos. Can anyone provide...
  2. Zacklovesbooks

    Are these ideas possible to do ?

    On, my channel i haven't been active . So, i jot down some ideas. I know some of them are possible but others not so much .like game development , gaming videos are possible But i need to know is it possible to do videos where you are reading books ( chapter by chapter ) and when you finished ...
  3. Zaland Adams

    I was wondering/

    I have been doing youtube for a while but I love doing different things within like vlogging etc.. But all of these videos I try to be Entertaining because I can't decide upon a niche. Am I doing something wrong not choosing a niche or is it all right once I have one goal in all my videos?
  4. S.A.D

    Have had this channel for over 2 years now. Losing the motivation

    Right, so the title says it all. but allow me to explain. I, with two other fellas run a gaming and movie review channel. Here we mainly do reviews for movies and video games and even do discussion vids. now we have been at this channel for over 2 years now and we have not even cracked the 400...
  5. Amber lynx

    Tubebuddy NEVER works for me

    I’ve had tubebuddy literally since it came out. I’ve payed for the services but I’m not getting the benefits of it when I use the tag explorer I never find tags that are ranked I could be looking for hours and not find one that is good across the whole board. Ppl say it help with seo but I find...
  6. R

    Music video help

    I'm planning to upload my music videos in my YT channel but I'm worried about copyright strikes. My music videos contains clips from copyrighted movies, TV shows, and video games set to copyrighted music. Need help. Any suggestions?
  7. EJ Hoffman-Stinson

    Help create a Slogan for my Channel

    Hello everyone! I need help creating a catchy slogan for my Product unbox and review channel. The channel name is Unbox Reviews. If anyone can help me that would appreciated
  8. Masonguyzz

    Need help!!!!

    Hey guys I'm new to this sight and I need help! I create short vids and do vfx tutorials on hitfilm and I need some ideas to actually start a new channel since I haven't posted yet!!! Also besides vid ideas how do I advertise my channel right and how do I gain subs??
  9. YaBoiiClark

    Channel feedback

    Hello fellow YTTalker! So, I've been on YouTube for about 7 1/2 years, going on 8 this March. I've been stuck in the 170+ subscriber range area for years. What should I do to get people to notice my content?
  10. Thunderturd13

    Is sticking to one genre good or bad for channel?

    Recently made my YouTube channel, pretty much aiming for it to be about my craft in barbering ranging from haircut tutorials to product reviews. Should I expand and offer more than just "barber stuff"?
  11. Tinoquito

    How to vlog in public and in front of friends and relatives without feeling awkward?

    That's a big problem for me because I love to make videos in YouTube, and sometimes it's impossible for me because there are relatives near me when I want to record videos in my house, or when I wanna vlog in public and I have friends with me, relatives or in front of unknown people because I...
  12. ItsNotAiyla

    ROAST ME!!

    Just kidding about the roasting thing. I prefer pan fried. I am a little wee baby youtuber looking for some constructive criticism. Currently I have just been posting storytime videos about my life and backpacking the world. I try and keep them comedic. I genuinely enjoy the content I make and...
  13. Justine

    Mass Dislike Botting?

    So over the last few days ALL of my videos have been getting mass disliked and I have no idea how to deal with this. Four days ago, I woke up and ALL of my videos had four more dislikes than they previously did (most of my videos had 1, 2 or no dislikes to begin with), and today I just woke up...
  14. KYLEX

    OBS HELP...

    Hi all i need some help, I am playing around with OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) I only started using it last night so am very new to it, I have figured out how to record my gameplay and I have managed to get my camera to work on it too. I don't seem to be able to get the OBS screen to...
  15. Nazo The Weeb

    100 Subscriber Special for an Anime Channel?

    I've recently passed 100 subscribers on my anime channel and was currently getting ready to make a 100 subscriber special for my viewers. I was mainly planning to make video of me describing my favorite anime in a comedic way, but I also wanted to see if there is anything else I could take upon...
  16. S.A.D

    NOTHIING is working!!!

    Ok let me give the down-low i have been doing youtube going onto 2 years now, in that time, we only have amassed a static 379 subs. Now on average, we would be lucky if our vids ever hit 10+ views, not including the time youtube add views when you check you vid in the creator studio. Now...
  17. Daniel Tran

    Can Disabilities cause a serious problem of being a great youtuber?

    Hi everyone, this is my very first thread and i wanted to talk about something very important and i hope u guys can give me the best advice and tips, i know u guys can help me out and i am grateful that there is a site on here that helps youtubers lead to the right direction. So recently i...
  18. Ashlee Warfield

    Needing A Little Motivation?

    Hello Everyone! I started youtube 2 years ago, dreamed about being a big star one day, which I guess everyone wishes to be as well and I posted quite a while ago trying to help others in this forum with motivation which actually helped! I had a break from making YouTube videos for about 5...
  19. Kaytonix

    Realtime views at 0

    Hey guys! I have 3 videos uploaded and for some reason my real time views are always at 0. Even if I have a friend click on them it never updates! It's showing this in both the creator studios app on on my actual account using chrome..advice?
  20. Zohmaigawdd

    Help me rebrand and gain subsciber activity???

    I've been in the game for a good few years and I always had these hiatuses bc personal s**t, but now I want to fully get back into the groove. I've uploaded a bit more quality content and I've privatized most videos that didn't fit the same style as my current one. Any other tips on rebranding...
  21. S.A.D

    how do you market?

    Ok ok. so I find it EXTREMELY hard to market my youtube channel. after i put the time and effort into the videos i make. Nothing comes of it. More often then not my vids never seem to break the 20 view mark. I tweet on twitter, put links up on fb and go around google+ and despite all this...
  22. NawarGaming

    Hard to get noticed...

    I have a lot of subs but I don't have active viewers, I wish I'd have many more but it's hard to get a bunch of people to notice my channel all at once easily, that's why I've been trying to do collabs but I'm having a hard time finding people that stick to their word or finding people period...
  23. BilliamGeorge

    My first 10 subscribers!!

    I've been having a quick look at the milestones and saw everyone getting thousands of subs and views which is great! It shows it's possible to achieve! I wanted to share that I have got 10 subscribers now but I hope to get up to 1000 like many of you! Everybody has to start somewhere! I'm only 2...
  24. M

    BRAND new to youtube.

    Hello. I didn't know where to post this so I hope this doesn't mess things up. I'm BRAND new to youtube and want to make my first video. I know basically nothing about making videos but I'm trying to make an extremely simple video and I just can't figure out how to do it. I want to be a youtuber...
  25. Atomicred

    Losing Motivation Please Cheer me up.

    I have been doing youtube over a year, I see people talking about how they got 100 subs in a week or 1,000 less then a month. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I sent hours and hours editing videos making the best video I can. I love making youtube videos but doing all that work and only a...
  26. ZDonkulous

    Help! Need to get rid of a subscriber!

    "Hey ZDonkulous, I'm contacting you because I'm working on a project that you might like. I hope you have 1 minute to read this message because I don't need more time to explain. I'm working on an online television channel. This website will show a never ending live video stream. The idea is...
  27. ZDonkulous

    Good to stream and not be vocal?

    I want to do a lot more streaming in the future, but I've noticed that I don't really talk a lot while playing certain games. I don't want to force myself to talk while streaming because I doubt I will enjoy playing the game. I would like to hear your opinions on the matter and how to grow as a...
  28. hannahmarycxo

    I'm scared to start again

    Hey, So about a year ago I started making YouTube videos, and I LOVED doing it. I put so much effort into it and as a student, it became my creative outlet- my saving grace. I built up a solid channel, I got to 9k subs and still have most of them. But people at school found out and I was...
  29. M

    New to the Streaming game, general advice needed.

    Hey guys! Like my title said, i'm new to the streaming life. I recently started live streaming gaming and so far im up to 97 subs in little over a month. I'm trying to figure out how to get stronger traffic to my channels and my live streams and the first thing i can think of is the Tags. what...
  30. XxPoisnous_KissxX

    Youtube Collab Channel Name?

    Hello everyone! Thanx for reading this, I have a channel and need to change the name, I was originally going to do just gaming videos with a friend of mine. When we decided to not only do gaming videos, but vlogs, challenges, DIY's, Compilations, and other videos of the such. Also, my name is...