help / advice

  1. Red rose

    Listen Up!!

    As of right now I have 2 subscribers and 20 views. I need to to fix this.
  2. J

    I got a copyright strike. Plz help.

    Okay, so heres the deal. I recently decided to make a new channel (a second one) where I would post videos all about Voltron Legendary Defender, which is a Netflix original series. I knew that other people had posted Voltron videos on YouTube, so I didn't think there would be any issues. But as...
  3. Rallex

    Two years and only 535 Subs! Is Something Wrong?

    Hey guys, My name is Rallex. I've been working super hard on my channel, making Vlogs and what I think is entertaining gaming videos but I'm not getting much views and Subs have stopped coming in. Am I doing something wrong? What can I do or what do I change? I feel like there is just something...
  4. W

    Favorite type of videos?

    whats your favorite type of content on YouTube and what videos do you watch most?
  5. G

    Tips and Advice?

    Hi there im currently in the works of creating a youtube channel. Do you guys have any tips that could help me? All tips would be extremely helpful
  6. E


    this is my first youtube channel and till now i dont't have any subscribers how can i beat please give me some advice
  7. E

    Other Looking for Collaboration on YouTube

    :help:Hello every one :) My name is Ehsan and I have aYouTube channel that I do Unboxing and Tech review. I would love to get some of you to collaborate with. If you like to join my channel and have me on your channel for collaboration please let me know.:angel: Thank You
  8. avrona

    What am I Doing Wrong?

    This is my second attempt at this thread as my previous was deleted as I haven't posted anything before that. Now I posted a bit so I decided to give it another go. So I've been working on my YouTube channel for 3 and a half years now, yet I only have 117 subscribers after so long. 103 AFTER 3...
  9. OliverAge24

    Is YouTube Ghosting / Shadow-Banning / Killing Channels?!?

    Hey everyone, I need your YouTube help! I took maybe 6-12 months off from YouTube. My videos previously were getting around 5,000 to 50,000 views from my 150,000 subscribers. Now, I returned on the 27th February this year, and have been doing weekly videos since then. I've increased the video...
  10. Daisyah

    Copyright issue?

    If I use under 30 seconds of songs to show my favorite songs, will I get a strike ? you know like most people do, I was just wondering cause I worked hard and I don't want it to get removed.
  11. Rolz

    Unboxing my LOOTANIME!

    Yo how's it going guys! I dropped my latest video tonight. It's a lootcrate/lootanime unboxing :D I hope you guys enjoy One Piece and stay tuned for more! Thank you for watching and any constructive criticism is welcome + if you do enjoy the video please subscribe and help me reach my goal...
  12. HeroRareheart

    How can I share video files with an editor?

    Hi, im kinda new to youtube only been doing this about a year or so. I have a few friends who want to edit for me which is great because im a procrastinator who sucks at editing and I barely have enough time to record let alone edit anyhow. This would be great if I actually knew how to quickly...
  13. Rolz

    50 sub special - Face Reveal!

    Hey guys, just dropped my latest video! As promised to my subscribers this is my face reveal video. I'm still new to being in front of the camera so don't hate too much! ‪ Anyways hope you enjoy it & if you do, smash that sub button & help me reach my goal of 100 subs! Thanks for watching!
  14. M

    Endscreen annotations on mobile?

    Hey everyone I just uploaded a video and added the newly featured endscreen to it (which I was told works on the youtube app as well), apparently that's not so, as the end screen annotations are not showing up when I watch the video on my phone :unsure: Was I misled when I was told that it also...
  15. Pierre Maynard

    I need help with making another video!

    So i have made some great videos lately,:D but now i have no idea what video to make next. Any ideas anyone? Hope you are all okay :)
  16. C

    "Cohmedy" Don't know what to post on new channel!?

    Hey! Last night I was lurking around my old YouTube channels and found one I had made a while back called "Cohmedy". I noticed it had 137 random subscribers but I had never posted a video so I did some further research and it came to be that an Instagram page called @Cohmedy has 3.4 Million...
  17. Becca Rhoades

    First YouTube Ideas?

    Hi, I'm Becca Rhoades. I've wanted to start a channel for literally ever and now I am taking the steps. I need help figuring out a first video. I know it doesn't have to be perfect, but I want it to catch eyes. Please help!
  18. sequan123

    Best time

    Hey guys tell me the best times you ever had on youtube wether it deals with gamming it could deal with anything.
  19. Sally Miller

    I need some inspiration

    I run a Sims youtube channel where I create sims music videos. I had took a break a year ago to focus on my thesis short film based on my sims characters. After finishing the short film and returning back to youtube, I have noticed that I no longer can come up with great video ideas for my sims...
  20. S.A.D

    How do you do it?

    Ok, Me and my friends have been running our channel since April/march 2016, Since then we have only gained 106 subscribes. From other channels I see, this i actually really bad. So im asking how do you people, who have climbed so dame fast actually do it. Before you say it, The videos are...
  21. Narrator-6174

    I need some advice

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I was looking to see if anyone could give me some advice on how to write an interesting script. I talked about how I am going to be making videos talking about serial killers, missing persons, and other mysterious topics. However in order to make higher...
  22. J

    Am I allowed to do this?

    so i'm not sure if this is allowed but i wanted to create a channel reviewing replicas of expensive clothing these replicas are from china and i won't be promoting them, just reviewing them and trying them on, saying if its worth it or not, etc. the replicas look nearly identical to the retail...
  23. E

    What do you want from me? :D

    Hey guys, First off, thank you to everyone who replied to my previous post. I can't see how to retrieve it, but thanks. :D So my question here is short + sweet...what do you want from me? :D As a viewer, what types of videos do YOU watch the most, and enjoy the most? When I first started, I...
  24. cheekers

    How often should I post

    As a youtube gamer I post twice a day everyday I can easily keep up with making this many videos and I really enjoy making every one of them but some people have told me this is to much I have based my twice a day schedule off of a youtube that inspired me to start my channel but is this really...
  25. W

    Channel Idea What do you think?

    So I recently thought about making a new channel. I am a writer, primarily short stories and I am currently in the process of writing a novel. I thought I'd chronicle the adventure of writing a novel as well as give some tips and advice along the way. What do you think. Do you think there's a...
  26. W

    Would like feedback on this video.

    I recently made this video and thought it'd be a good idea. I want to know if it's got potential. Personally I think it's the best video I've done yet.
  27. Zydash

    Content Ideas

    Hi everyone, I'm not gonna lie, ever since I surpassed 100 subscribers, I had completely forgotten about YT-talk until today. I've been gaining subscribers at a decent pace but I know that I can do better. I know what I can do, which is make very unique content. However, it's tedious to do so...
  28. SimpleUnboxingTV

    Let's talk about views!

    Hello fellow Youtubers! :happy: For some time now I have been trying to figure out a good way to gather people to actually have a look at my channel/content! I've been trying to spread my videos in facebook groups, sadly most of the time you get hit by that "SUB4SUB" and as most of us know...
  29. Brilli2K

    How to grow my gaming channel?

    Hi, I feel like I have put out some very good starting videos but they only be seeming to get 30 views and 1 sub per video. Am I just being impatient and need to wait to grow or am I doing something wrong?
  30. W

    Should I Start A Daily Vlog?

    Ok so I've been doing vlogs on my YouTube channel and they've been fairly successful. I've been wanting to do a daily Vlog for awhile now but am scared to start it. I think it'd be a lot of fun. Do you think it'd be a good idea to start one and if so what are some tips?