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Guys, I was wondering how did you promote your channel and videos? How can I help my channel grow? Did the tags do you justice? Or does posting your content on social media help? Did your channel just blow up or did your subscribers grow over time? Sorry for all the questions! Just needing some advice! Thanks :)
I would like to know this too. I feel that my content is good. I have some old videos that make me cringe but the new ones are fine. I think I need to rethink my approach a bit. I've been making videos for me and not really for others. You know, like an artist does. What I like may not be what everyone else likes. I find that my Tutorials get more views and more likes than my Retro gaming. I didn't want to be a How-to guy though so I don't know how to get out of the hole that I'm in. Sorry I didn't answer your question, I need to know the answer myself.
I just promote my videos on facebook, twitter, reddit, and yttalk. I got some traffic and gained some good subs. The key is attractive titles and thumbnails. Detailed description of whatever you have covered up in your videos. Tags should be relevant. You can use TUBEBUDDY to optimize your tags. Making videos on popular trends is great way to grow the channel.
Don't be sorry! We're all just trying to learn and get better around here. I think that helping your channel grow can happen in a multitude of ways. If you've got the passion and time for it, putting out content is obvious important. Spreading your videos and voice around also helps. Tags can sometimes attract new viewers, but social media is definitely a big help. If you've got a blog or a twitter or even just talking to people here about videos can help grow your channel. I haven't 'blown up', as you've mentioned-- though on occasion, good content can go viral-- but I do think that subscribers increase over time. If you keep enjoying yourself and making content, then I think the subscribers will follow. Hope this helps!
As I've learned around this forum, SEO is very important. This stands for Search Engine Optimization.
In a nutshell, this means titling and tagging your videos accordingly so that YouTube's engine pulls them into the search results more often, thus getting you more views and interaction on your videos. And yes, tagging helps tremendously.

So for titling, if you have a video of a guy riding a bike and wiping out, don't title it "How did this happen?!" as if it were a vlog. Those kinds of titles are okay for current subscribers and grabbing their attention, but not for getting new views.
Instead, title it "Guy Wipes Out and Fails on Bicycle" because that will engage the YouTube engine more!

always interact with your viewers! Tell them in your videos that if they enjoy the content to subscribe and comment below! AND ALWAYS REPLY TO COMMENTS!

find ways to promote on Twitter using hashtags to help you out, and post highlights of a video on Facebook that you feel your friends would share around!

Lastly, patience. I've had a few videos grow steadily since they've uploaded, and some have fizzled out. It's the luck of the game of YouTube. Just be patient and don't give up. :)
Thanks James Azurin and Ciarra deBritto, you guys are amazing! For the most part, I am enjoying learning to edit right now and trying to get better with Photoshop. I keep telling myself that If I get better, my content will get better and someone will notice. I will do some research on the S.E.O. To get more traction to my videos. Thanks again for taking time to answer us! If I figure something out that works I will be sure to share it back to the community. :)
Post consistently, daily would be best. Make sure it's quality content that you'd enjoy yourself watching and then promote it everywhere you can. Utilize every feature of youtube and other social media platforms you're posting on. Interact and engage with current subscribers and encourage them to help share as well if they enjoy something. Growing channels gets much easier once you have momentum
Key to grow your channel and getting traffic is watch time. Make video's that are part of a series and place them in a playlist. A good overall watch time Youtube will rank your video's higher in search.

If you search for 'Fallout 4 Cait Romance' my video is ranked 1st. It has lower views than the other video's but still ranked the highest because better watch time.


Same to this:


If people search for playlist for Fallout 4 romances my playlist come as first:

So make good video's that people keep watching and searching forever and place them in playlists!