1. M

    Why does my vids get no views???

    This vid I spent 16 hours on producing and it barely got any views, Would any of you have a suggestion to get more views on that video
  2. BrianTheVideoShooter

    Portland Towers

    A view of Portland Towers company house in Copenhagen, DK Denmark (København, 2150 Nordhavn) 2018. Corporate Offices Göteborg Plads 1. Area: Århusgadekvarter, Sandkaj, Murmanskgade, Hamborg Plads, Nordhavnen, Nordhavn Bassin.
  3. BrianTheVideoShooter


    Walking in the new part of Sydhavnen, Copenhagen. More specifically Enghave Brygge. First near Skibbroen, Tømmergravsgade, Kortløb and Fiskerihavnsgade. And later near Tjæregade and Martin Luther Kings Vej. Area: Københavns Sydhavn Kbh, 2450 København SV near Teglholmen og Sluseholmen. New roads...
  4. BubbleJunk

    What helps build your channel?

    Guys, I was wondering how did you promote your channel and videos? How can I help my channel grow? Did the tags do you justice? Or does posting your content on social media help? Did your channel just blow up or did your subscribers grow over time? Sorry for all the questions! Just needing some...
  5. ChilledAffinity

    Why its important to love what you do.

    I started Youtube in 2007 and since then have had more channels than i care to count. I literally tried every style of channel from sketch comedy to action films to daily vlogger to parkour to everything. With each channel it was the same story. id be super keen on this new idea and venture and...
  6. MegaCrasher

    Zygarde Team Building

    Welcome to an insane Team Building video that features Zygarde! This team is meant to be Bulky Offense while being as awesome and as threatening as ever! I hope you guys enjoy the video and the next part will feature testing this team in battle :] part 1: part 2: part 3: Pastebin is here...