I've Got It
So, my channel mostly does gaming/humor moments and I record all my gameplay on my hard-drive. I'm about to reach the point where I am running out of space on my storage hard drives. What do you guys usually do with your recorded material and how do you guys archive them?

P.S. not sure if this is the right place to post this help question.
I bought a 100 GB drive so only about 70.00 bucks, and it's come in handy, especially since you don't have to take the time to upload to Google drive or anything. You can just drag and drop.
I have a 1 TB external hard drive, a bit of overkill, but I use it for storing pretty much everything.
An External Hard Drive is the way to go!! Not just for your videos but everything, incase of computer malfunctions.
I got all my video's stored on my desktop in dated folders for that month (I do have 4tb of space) I then have a 1tb External HD for when I am traveling and I need to edit.
I have an external drive, they are cheap at the moment, 1TB for £40. I keep all my footage with a copy of the rendered video in files ordered by date.
Also I use final cut so make a new library every month and then I move that onto the hard drive.
Once I know they are on the drive I delete them off the computer.

You could go wild and buy two drives and make a carbon copy, in case one fails.
Yeah I also just grabbed a 2TB external. Learned the hard way that a 128 gb drive doesnt like 1080p60fps recordings lol